Symptoms when microbiome was taken

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Asymptomatic: Minor Health Issues (a few symptoms only) (49) Included
Gender: Female (26)
General: Fatigue (26)
Immune Manifestations: Bloating (25)
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BacteriaRankShift4 way8 way16 way
Eubacteriaceae family Low Strong - -
Intestinibacter genus Medium High Strong weak -
Pseudobutyrivibrio genus Medium High Strong Strong -
Subdoligranulum genus Medium High Strong Strong -
Phascolarctobacterium faecium species Medium High Strong - -
Bacilli class Medium High weak weak -
Coriobacteriia class Medium Low weak weak -
Lactobacillaceae family High weak weak -
Clostridium genus Medium High weak weak -
Dialister genus High weak - -
Dorea genus High weak weak -
Sporobacter genus Low weak - -
Flavobacteriales order Medium High weak - -
Selenomonadales order High weak - -
Verrucomicrobiales order High weak - -
Verrucomicrobia phylum High weak - -
Akkermansia muciniphila species High weak - -
Eggerthella lenta species High weak - -
Roseburia faecis species Medium High weak weak -

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