Symptoms when microbiome was taken

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Autonomic Manifestations: irritable bowel syndrome (25)
Autonomic Manifestations: light-headedness (22)
Autonomic: Heart rate increase after standing (22)
Autonomic: Shortness of breath (22)
Gender: Female (27)
General: Depression (21)
General: Fatigue (35)
General: Headaches (26)
General: Myalgia (pain) (28)
Immune Manifestations: Abdominal Pain (22)
Immune Manifestations: Bloating (27)
Immune Manifestations: general malaise (24)
Immune Manifestations: recurrent flu-like symptoms (25)
Immune Manifestations: tender lymph nodes (25)
Immune: Flu-like symptoms (24)
Immune: Recurrent Sore throat (22)
Immune: Sensitivity to smell/food/medication/chemicals (28)
Immune: Tender / sore lymph nodes (22)
Neurocognitive: Absent-mindedness or forgetfulness (29)
Neurocognitive: Brain Fog (30)
Neurocognitive: Can only focus on one thing at a time (23)
Neurocognitive: Difficulty expressing thoughts (23)
Neurocognitive: Difficulty paying attention for a long period of time (27)
Neurocognitive: Problems remembering things (32)
Neurocognitive: Slowness of thought (26)
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: cold extremities (23)
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: intolerance of extremes of heat and cold (31)
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: Muscle weakness (28)
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: Rapid muscular fatiguability (24)
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: worsening of symptoms with stress. (32)
Neuroendocrine: Chills or shivers (38) Included
Neuroendocrine: Cold limbs (e.g. arms, legs hands) (25)
Neuroendocrine: Feeling hot or cold for no reason (28)
Neuroendocrine: Temperature fluctuations throughout the day (21)
Neurological-Audio: hypersensitivity to noise (25)
Neurological-Sleep: Insomnia (26)
Neurological: Cognitive/Sensory Overload (23)
Neurological: Difficulty processing information (Understanding) (23)
Neurological: emotional overload (22)
Neurological: Executive Decision Making (Difficulty making) (23)
Neurological: Impairment of concentration (27)
Neurological: Short-term memory issues (24)
Neurological: Word-finding problems (28)
Pain: Aching of the eyes or behind the eyes (24)
Pain: Joint pain (26)
Pain: Myofascial pain (21)
Pain: Pain or aching in muscles (26)
Post-exertional malaise: Difficulty reading after mild physical or mental activity (24)
Post-exertional malaise: General (23)
Post-exertional malaise: Inappropriate loss of physical and mental stamina, (31)
Post-exertional malaise: Mentally tired after the slightest effort (21)
Post-exertional malaise: Muscle fatigue after mild physical activity (27)
Post-exertional malaise: Next-day soreness after everyday activities (21)
Post-exertional malaise: Physically drained or sick after mild activity (25)
Post-exertional malaise: Physically tired after minimum exercise (26)
Post-exertional malaise: Post-exertional malaise (28)
Post-exertional malaise: Rapid cognitive fatigability, (23)
Post-exertional malaise: Rapid muscular fatigability, (24)
Post-exertional malaise: Worsening of symptoms after mild mental activity (21)
Post-exertional malaise: Worsening of symptoms after mild physical activity (24)
Sleep: Problems falling asleep (24)
Sleep: Problems staying asleep (26)
Sleep: Unrefreshed sleep (33)
Sleep: Waking up early in the morning (e.g. 3 AM) (24)
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BacteriaRankShift4 way8 way16 way
Eggerthella genus High Strong - -
Eggerthella lenta species High Strong - -
Bacteroidia class High weak - -
Erysipelotrichaceae family Medium High weak - -
Ruminococcaceae family Low weak - -
Fusicatenibacter genus Low weak - -
Oscillospira genus Medium High weak - -
Bacteroidales order High weak - -
Veillonellales order Medium High weak - -
Bacteroides caccae species Medium Low weak - -
Bacteroides vulgatus species High weak - -
Dorea formicigenerans species Low weak - -

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