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Symptoms when microbiome was taken

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Autonomic Manifestations: irritable bowel syndrome (21)
Condition: ME/CFS with IBS (30) Included
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : Fatigue (26)
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : Post-exertional malaise, feeling worse after doing activities that require either physical or mental exertion (23)
General: Fatigue (22)
Neurocognitive: Brain Fog (25)
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: worsening of symptoms with stress. (22)
Official Diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (27)
Official Diagnosis: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (22)
Post-exertional malaise: Post-exertional malaise (22)
Sleep: Unrefreshed sleep (21)
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BacteriaRankShift4 way8 way16 way
Lactobacillaceae family Low Strong - -
Butyricimonas genus Medium High Strong - -
Erysipelotrichia class Medium Low weak - -
Eubacteriaceae family Medium High weak - -
Clostridium genus High weak - -
Lactobacillus genus High weak - -
Oribacterium genus Medium Low weak - -
Phascolarctobacterium genus Low weak - -
Erysipelotrichales order Medium Low weak - -
Lactobacillales order Low weak - -
Actinobacteria phylum Low weak - -
Bacteroides caccae species Medium Low weak - -
Phascolarctobacterium faecium species Low weak - -
Ruminococcus bromii species Medium High weak - -

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