Condition Associated Bacteria - Fibromyalgia

The following are reported associated when too high or too low.

NOTE: The data entry and intrepretation of the studies have NOT been independently varified. If you are interested in taking on this community task, please email.

If you find a study that appears to be missing (i.e. bacteria was found significant in study BUT it is no listed below), also email. This is a community project.

Condition  Rank  Taxonomy  Shift   Study
Fibromyalgia   family    Lachnospiraceae     L   Source  
  Ruminococcaceae     L   Source  
 genus    Alistipes     H   Source  
  Bacteroides     L   Source  
  Bifidobacterium     L   Source  
  Butyricicoccus     H   Source  
  Clostridium     L   Source  
  Dorea     H   Source  
  Eubacterium     L   Source  
  Lactobacillus     L   Source  
  Roseburia     H   Source  
 species    [Clostridium] scindens     H   Source  
  Alistipes onderdonkii     H   Source  
  Bacteroides uniformis     L   Source  
  Blautia faecis     L   Source  
  Blautia hydrogenotrophica     H   Source  
  Eisenbergiella tayi     H   Source  
  Erysipelatoclostridium ramosum     H   Source  
  Faecalibacterium prausnitzii     L   Source  
  Flavonifractor plautii     H   Source  
  Haemophilus parainfluenzae     L   Source  
  Hungatella hathewayi     H   Source  
  Intestinimonas butyriciproducens     H   Source  
  Parabacteroides merdae     H   Source  
  Prevotella copri     L   Source  

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