Bacteria of Colorectal Cancer

Under sample are:

Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Range
Rank Name Low High Direction
class Bacilli
class Clostridia
family Acidaminococcaceae
family Atopobiaceae
family Bacteroidaceae
family Barnesiellaceae
family Christensenellaceae
family Clostridiaceae
family Desulfobulbaceae
family Desulfovibrionaceae
family Eggerthellaceae
family Erysipelotrichaceae
family Lachnospiraceae
family Muribaculaceae
family Oscillospiraceae
family Paludibacteraceae
family Peptococcaceae
family Rikenellaceae
family Ruminococcaceae
genus Abiotrophia
genus Acidaminococcus
genus Actinomyces
genus Agathobacter
genus Akkermansia
genus Alistipes
genus Anaerococcus
genus Anaerostipes
genus Anaerotruncus
genus Angelakisella
genus Bacteroides
genus Barnesiella
genus Bifidobacterium
genus Bilophila
genus Blautia
genus Bradyrhizobium
genus Butyricicoccus
genus Campylobacter
genus Candidatus Homeothermus
genus Clostridium
genus Collinsella
genus Desulfovibrio
genus Dialister
genus Dorea
genus Enterococcus
genus Erysipelatoclostridium
genus Escherichia
genus Eubacterium
genus Faecalibacterium
genus Faecalicoccus
genus Flavonifractor
genus Fournierella
genus Fusobacterium
genus Gemella
genus Haemophilus
genus Intestinimonas
genus Klebsiella
genus Lachnospira
genus Leptotrichia
genus Libanicoccus
genus Megasphaera
genus Merdibacter
genus Methanobrevibacter
genus Mogibacterium
genus Neglecta
genus Odoribacter
genus Oscillibacter
genus Parabacteroides
genus Parvimonas
genus Peptostreptococcus
genus Phocea
genus Porphyromonas
genus Prevotella
genus Prevotellamassilia
genus Pseudoflavonifractor
genus Pseudomonas
genus Pseudoramibacter
genus Rothia
genus Rothia
genus Ruminiclostridium
genus Ruminococcus
genus Ruthenibacterium
genus Sellimonas
genus Shigella
genus Shuttleworthia
genus Stomatobaculum
genus Streptococcus
genus Subdoligranulum
genus Succiniclasticum
genus Succinivibrio
genus Sutterella
genus Syntrophomonas
genus Variovorax
genus Veillonella
order Bacteroidales
order Flavobacteriales
order Opitutales
species [Bacteroides] pectinophilus
species [Clostridium] asparagiforme
species [Clostridium] hylemonae
species [Clostridium] symbiosum
species [Eubacterium] cellulosolvens
species [Hallella] seregens
species [Ruminococcus] torques
species Abiotrophia sp.
species Acidaminococcus intestini
species Actinomyces naeslundii
species Akkermansia sp.
species Alistipes finegoldii
species Alistipes indistinctus
species Alistipes onderdonkii
species Alistipes putredinis
species Alistipes sp.
species Allisonella histaminiformans
species Alloprevotella rava
species Anaerococcus obesiensis
species Anaerococcus vaginalis
species Anaerostipes hadrus
species Anaerostipes sp.
species Anaerotruncus sp.
species Aquaspirillum dispar
species ATCC 49918
species Bacteroides barnesiae
species Bacteroides caccae
species Bacteroides clarus
species Bacteroides coprophilus
species Bacteroides dorei
species Bacteroides eggerthii
species Bacteroides faecis
species Bacteroides fluxus
species Bacteroides fragilis
species Bacteroides gallinarum
species Bacteroides helcogenes
species Bacteroides intestinalis
species Bacteroides massiliensis
species Bacteroides nordii
species Bacteroides ovatus
species Bacteroides pyogenes
species Bacteroides reticulotermitis
species Bacteroides salyersiae
species Bacteroides sartorii
species Bacteroides sp.
species Bacteroides stercoris
species Bacteroides vulgatus
species Bacteroides xylanisolvens
species Barnesiella intestinihominis
species Bifidobacterium animalis
species Bifidobacterium sp.
species Bilophila wadsworthia
species Blautia hydrogenotrophica
species Blautia sp.
species Bradyrhizobium sp.
species Butyricicoccus pullicaecorum
species Butyricimonas sp.
species Butyricimonas virosa
species Campylobacter rectus
species Campylobacter ureolyticus
species Candidatus Bacteroides periocalifornicus
species Catabacter hongkongensis
species Catenibacterium sp.
species CCUG 45813
species CCUG 46149
species Cloacibacillus porcorum
species Clostridium celatum
species Clostridium perfringens
species Clostridium sp.
species Collinsella intestinalis
species Collinsella sp.
species Coprobacter fastidiosus
species Coprococcus eutactus
species Coprococcus sp.
species Cronobacter sakazakii
species CSUR P3241
species Desulfovibrio desulfuricans
species Desulfovibrio sp.
species Desulfovibrio vulgaris
species Dialister invisus
species Dialister pneumosintes
species Dialister sp.
species Dorea sp.
species DSM 103034
species Eikenella corrodens
species Eisenbergiella sp.
species Emergencia sp.
species Enorma massiliensis
species Enorma sp.
species Enterobacter cloacae
species Enterococcus faecium
species Enterococcus hirae
species Enterococcus sp.
species Escherichia coli
species Escherichia sp.
species Eubacterium sp.
species Faecalibacterium sp.
species Faecalicoccus pleomorphus
species Flavonifractor plautii
species Flavonifractor sp.
species Fournierella sp.
species Fusobacterium nucleatum
species Fusobacterium sp.
species Gemella bergeri
species Gemella morbillorum
species Haemophilus parainfluenzae
species Helicobacter pylori
species Holdemanella biformis
species Holdemanella sp.
species Holdemania filiformis
species Hungatella hathewayi
species Intestinimonas butyriciproducens
species Intestinimonas sp.
species Klebsiella oxytoca
species Kluyvera intermedia
species Lachnospira pectinoschiza
species Lachnospira sp.
species Lactobacillus animalis
species Lactobacillus salivarius
species Lactococcus piscium
species Leminorella grimontii
species Leptotrichia sp.
species Leptotrichia trevisanii
species Leuconostoc citreum
species Megasphaera micronuciformis
species Megasphaera sp.
species Merdibacter massiliensis
species Methanobrevibacter smithii
species Micromonas sp. (in: Bacteria)
species Mogibacterium sp.
species Negativicoccus massiliensis Togo et al. 2016
species Neglecta sp.
species Odoribacter laneus
species Odoribacter sp.
species Odoribacter splanchnicus
species Oscillibacter ruminantium
species Oscillibacter sp.
species Parabacteroides distasonis
species Parabacteroides johnsonii
species Parabacteroides merdae
species Parabacteroides sp.
species Paraprevotella clara
species Paraprevotella sp.
species Parvimonas micra
species Pediococcus acidilactici
species Peptoniphilus sp.
species Peptostreptococcus anaerobius
species Peptostreptococcus sp.
species Peptostreptococcus stomatis
species Phascolarctobacterium sp.
species Porphyromonas asaccharolytica
species Porphyromonas catoniae
species Porphyromonas somerae
species Porphyromonas sp.
species Porphyromonas uenonis
species Prevotella copri
species Prevotella corporis
species Prevotella denticola
species Prevotella histicola
species Prevotella intermedia
species Prevotella micans
species Prevotella oralis
species Prevotella saccharolytica
species Prevotella sp.
species Proteus vulgaris
species Pseudoflavonifractor capillosus
species Pseudoflavonifractor sp.
species Pseudoramibacter sp.
species Raoultella sp.
species Rikenella microfusus
species Rothia dentocariosa
species Ruminiclostridium sp.
species Ruminococcaceae bacterium D16
species Ruminococcus sp.
species Salmonella enterica
species Sanguibacteroides justesenii
species Selenomonas artemidis
species Selenomonas sputigena
species Shigella sonnei
species Streptococcus dysgalactiae
species Streptococcus G418
species Streptococcus gallolyticus
species Streptococcus mitis
species Streptococcus pseudopneumoniae
species Streptococcus sanguinis
species Subdoligranulum sp.
species Subdoligranulum variabile
species Succinivibrio sp.
species Sutterella sp.
species Sutterella wadsworthensis
species Syntrophomonas sp.
species Tannerella forsythia
species Tyzzerella nexilis
species Variovorax sp.
species Veillonella dispar
species Veillonella sp.
species Victivallis vadensis
species Yersinia ruckeri

Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges, is a licensed properitary statistical algorithm that works off the shape of the data. It is not microbiome specific but appears to work very well for the microbiome. Ranges are NOT lab specific, but for aggregation across labs. Please contact your lab and ask for their Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges.

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