Bacteria of Functional constipation / chronic idiopathic constipation

Under sample are:

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Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Range
Rank Name Low High Direction
family Erysipelotrichaceae
family Ruminococcaceae
genus Acidaminococcus
genus Alistipes
genus Bacteroides
genus Bifidobacterium
genus Butyricimonas
genus Coprococcus
genus Epulopiscium
genus Faecalibacterium
genus Fusicatenibacter
genus Klebsiella
genus Lachnospira
genus Lactococcus
genus Megamonas
genus Oscillospira
genus Parabacteroides
genus Prevotella
genus Pseudobutyrivibrio
genus Roseburia
genus Ruminiclostridium
genus Ruminococcus
phylum Firmicutes
phylum Proteobacteria
species [Ruminococcus] torques
species Alistipes finegoldii
species Bacteroides caccae
species Bacteroides coprophilus
species Bacteroides fragilis
species Bacteroides ovatus
species Bifidobacterium longum
species Methanobrevibacter smithii
species Parabacteroides gordonii
species Prevotella copri
species Prevotella stercorea
species Roseburia intestinalis

Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges, is a licensed properitary statistical algorithm that works off the shape of the data. It is not microbiome specific but appears to work very well for the microbiome. Ranges are NOT lab specific, but for aggregation across labs. Please contact your lab and ask for their Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges.

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