Bacteria of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Motor Neuron

Under sample are:

Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Range
Rank Name Low High Direction
class Bacteroidia
family Enterobacteriaceae
family Hungateiclostridiaceae
family Lachnospiraceae
family Porphyromonadaceae
family Prevotellaceae
family Ruminococcaceae
family Veillonellaceae
genus Akkermansia
genus Anaerostipes
genus Anaerotruncus
genus Bifidobacterium
genus Coprococcus
genus Dorea
genus Eisenbergiella
genus Escherichia
genus Eubacterium
genus Intestinimonas
genus Lactobacillus
genus Levinea Young et al. 1971
genus Mannheimia
genus Megamonas
genus Odoribacter
genus Oscillibacter
genus Parasutterella
genus Peptostreptococcus
genus Pseudoflavonifractor
genus Ruminiclostridium
genus Ruminococcus
genus Shigella
genus Sporobacter
phylum Bacteroidota
phylum Cyanobacteria
phylum Firmicutes
species [Eubacterium] eligens
species Akkermansia muciniphila
species Bacteroides fragilis
species Butyrivibrio fibrisolvens
species Escherichia coli

Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges, is a licensed properitary statistical algorithm that works off the shape of the data. It is not microbiome specific but appears to work very well for the microbiome. Ranges are NOT lab specific, but for aggregation across labs. Please contact your lab and ask for their Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges.

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