Bacteria of High Blood Pressure

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Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Range
Rank Name Low High Direction
family Lachnospiraceae
genus Acetobacteroides
genus Acinetobacter
genus Aeriscardovia
genus Aestuariispira
genus Akkermansia
genus Alistipes
genus Bacteroides
genus Barnesiella
genus Bilophila
genus Blautia
genus Butyricimonas
genus Butyrivibrio
genus Cellulosibacter
genus Cellulosilyticum
genus Christensenella
genus Coprococcus
genus Desulfovibrio
genus Dialister
genus Eisenbergiella
genus Enterococcus
genus Eubacterium
genus Faecalitalea
genus Geosporobacter
genus Haemophilus
genus Intestinimonas
genus Lactobacillus
genus Lactococcus
genus Odoribacter
genus Olsenella
genus Oscillibacter
genus Parabacteroides
genus Paraprevotella
genus Parasutterella
genus Prevotella
genus Proteiniborus
genus Ruminococcus
genus Staphylococcus
genus Succinivibrio
genus Sutterella
genus Vampirovibrio
genus Weissella
species Bacteroides fragilis
species Corynebacterium ammoniagenes
species Micrococcus luteus

Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges, is a licensed properitary statistical algorithm that works off the shape of the data. It is not microbiome specific but appears to work very well for the microbiome. Ranges are NOT lab specific, but for aggregation across labs. Please contact your lab and ask for their Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges.

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