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Partial list of Citations used for Recommendations or Conditions

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  1. Smoking cessation alters intestinal microbiota: insights from quantitative investigations on human fecal samples using FISH. 🔐
    Inflammatory bowel diseases (Inflamm Bowel Dis ) Vol: 20 Issue 9 Pages: 1496-501
    Pub: 2014 Sep Epub: Authors Biedermann L , Brülisauer K , Zeitz J , Frei P , Scharl M , Vavricka SR , Fried M , Loessner MJ , Rogler G , Schuppler M ,

  2. Association between Cigarette Smoking Status and Composition of Gut Microbiota: Population-Based Cross-Sectional Study. 🔐
    Journal of clinical medicine (J Clin Med ) Vol: 7 Issue 9 Pages:
    Pub: 2018 Sep 14 Epub: 2018 Sep 14 Authors Lee SH , Yun Y , Kim SJ , Lee EJ , Chang Y , Ryu S , Shin H , Kim HL , Kim HN , Lee JH ,

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