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Partial list of Citations used for Recommendations or Conditions

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  1. Effects of resveratrol on gut microbiota and fat storage in a mouse model with high-fat-induced obesity. 🔐
    Food & function (Food Funct ) Vol: 5 Issue 6 Pages: 1241-9
    Pub: 2014 Jun Epub: 2014 Apr 11 Authors Qiao Y , Sun J , Xia S , Tang X , Shi Y , Le G ,

  2. Modulation of the intestinal microbiota is associated with lower plasma cholesterol and weight gain in hamsters fed chardonnay grape seed flour. 🔐
    Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (J Agric Food Chem ) Vol: 63 Issue 5 Pages: 1460-7
    Pub: 2015 Feb 11 Epub: 2015 Jan 29 Authors Kim H , Kim DH , Seo KH , Chon JW , Nah SY , Bartley GE , Arvik T , Lipson R , Yokoyama W ,

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