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Citizen Science Infered Impact

We take what shifts this modifier is known to make and the shifts reported for a symptom. There are many bacteria involved. We sum all of the shifts (some positive and some negative) to estimate a predictor. Some bacteria may have greater impact (that information is not available in 99% of studies) so the estimate can be wrong in edge cases.

This is based on associations discovered from annotated 16s microbiome samples. See this post for more information.

SymptomImpactPredictor of Bacteria Shift
Autism: Official DiagnosisWorsen3.23
Autonomic: Graying or blacking out after standingImproves-1.76
Blood Type: A PositiveWorsen1.76
Blood Type: O PositiveWorsen3.23
Comorbid-Mouth: Dry MouthImproves-1.76
Comorbid-Mouth: Mouth SoresImproves-2.48
Comorbid-Mouth: TMJ / Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint syndromeWorsen3.01
Comorbid: Constipation and Explosions (not diarrohea)Worsen3.23
Comorbid: High AnxietyWorsen3.01
Comorbid: Histamine or Mast Cell issuesWorsen3.01
Comorbid: Inflammatory bowel disease Worsen0.53
Comorbid: Snoring (NOT Sleep ApneaWorsen3.01
Condition: ME/CFS with IBSWorsen3.01
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : FatigueWorsen1.7
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : Impaired Memory & concentrationWorsen1.76
DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : Unrefreshing Sleep, that is waking up feeling tired Worsen1.76
General: FatigueImproves-1.79
General: Sinus issues with headachesWorsen3.01
Immune Manifestations: Abdominal PainImproves-2.48
Infection: Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV6)Worsen1.76
Infection: Parasite - OtherWorsen3.01
Joint: TendernessWorsen3.01
Neurocognitive: Slowness of thoughtImproves-2.48
Neurocognitive: Unable to focus vision and/or attentionWorsen3.01
Neuroendocrine Manifestations: intolerance of extremes of heat and coldWorsen1.58
Neuroendocrine: Alcohol intoleranceWorsen3.01
Neurological-Vision: inability to focus eye/visionWorsen3.01
Neurological-Vision: photophobia (Light Sensitivity)Worsen3.01
Neurological: Cognitive/Sensory OverloadImproves-1.64
Neurological: Short-term memory issuesImproves-1.56
Official Diagnosis: Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever)Worsen3.23
Official Diagnosis: Mast Cell DysfunctionWorsen3.01
Onset: GradualImproves-1.95
Post-exertional malaise: Difficulty reading after mild physical or mental activityWorsen3.01
Post-exertional malaise: Rapid muscular fatigability, Worsen1.63

Published Science Infered Impact

We take what shifts this modifier is known to make and the shifts reported for a medical condition. There are many bacteria. We sum all of the shifts (some positive and some negative) to estimate a predictor. Some bacteria may have greater impact (that information is not available in 99% of studies) so the estimate can be wrong in edge cases.

This is according to the microbiome shifts reported in studies. Clinical studies may show different results

SymptomImpactPredictor of Bacteria Shift
Ankylosing spondylitisWorsen0.07
Brain TraumaImproves-3.01
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeImproves-3.38
Chronic Kidney DiseaseImproves-3.68
Chronic urticaria (Hives)Improves-1.63
Colorectal CancerWorsen1.62
Coronary artery disease Improves-2.77
Crohn's DiseaseImproves-3.01
Functional constipation / chronic idiopathic constipationImproves-3.01
gallstone disease (gsd)Improves-3.01
Hashimoto's thyroiditisWorsen3.27
High Blood PressureImproves-3.17
Histamine Issues From UbiomeImproves-2.72
Hyperlipidemia (High Blood Fats)Improves-2.72
IgA nephropathy (IgAN)Improves-2.72
Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseImproves-3.42
Irritable Bowel SyndromeImproves-4.09
Liver CirrhosisImproves-2.58
ME/CFS with IBSWorsen0
ME/CFS without IBSWorsen0
Multiple SclerosisImproves-2.72
Multiple system atrophy (MSA)Worsen2.72
Parkinson's DiseaseImproves-3.8
Rheumatoid arthritisImproves-3.01
rheumatoid arthritis (RA),Spondyloarthritis (SpA)Improves-1.82
Stress / posttraumatic stress disorderWorsen2.72
Systemic Lupus ErythematosusImproves-2.72
Type 1 DiabetesImproves-2.72
Type 2 DiabetesWorsen2.48
Ulcerative colitisWorsen2.72

Bacteria Impacted

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We extend modifiers to include items that changes the parent and child taxa. I.e. for a species, that would be the genus that is belongs to and the strains in the species.

📓 - direct citation | 👪 - Impacts Parent Taxa | 👶 - Impacts Child Taxa | 🧙 - Inferred
Taxonomy Rank Effect Citations
Lachnospiraceae family Increases 📓 Source Study
Acetatifactor genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Acetitomaculum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Agathobacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerobium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerobutyricum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerocolumna genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerosporobacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerotaenia genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Anaerotignum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Catonella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Cellulosilyticum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Eisenbergiella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Faecalicatena Sakamoto et al. 2017 genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Fusicatenibacter genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Herbinix genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Hespellia genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Johnsonella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Lachnoanaerobaculum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Lachnobacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Lachnotalea genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Merdimonas genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Mobilitalea genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Moryella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Murimonas genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Oribacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Parasporobacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Robinsoniella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Sellimonas genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Shuttleworthia genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Sporobacterium genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Stomatobaculum genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Syntrophococcus genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Tyzzerella genus Increases 👪 Source Study
Bacillus genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Lactobacillus genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Roseburia genus Increases 📓 Source Study
Roseburia sp. species Increases 👪 Source Study
Roseburia sp. 1120 species Increases 👪 Source Study
Roseburia sp. 11SE38 species Increases 👪 Source Study
Roseburia sp. 499 species Increases 👪 Source Study
Roseburia sp. DJF_VR77 species Increases 👪 Source Study
Roseburia sp. MC_37 species Increases 👪 Source Study

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