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The items listed below are based on studies or lab conclusion (unpublished studies). There are associations (not predictive). In general two things must happen:

Official Diagnosis: Metabolic Syndrome
Full list of symptoms

Metabolic Syndrome

BacteriaStudy FoundYour StatusReferenceYour Count (Norm)
genus: Akkermansia Low Match Source 0
genus: Bacteroides Low Match Source 0
phylum: Firmicutes High Ok Source 0
phylum: Proteobacteria High Ok Source 0
phylum: Proteobacteria High Ok Source 0
species: Bifidobacterium animalis Low Match Source 0
species: Bifidobacterium pseudolongum Low Match Source 0

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NOTE: The studies cited used different labs and may be using reference (control) group different from your population. There are many many factors that have not been controlled for which may lead to incorrect conclusions. The above is best efforts for educational purpose only

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