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Note: Many of these were created from versions of reports from several years ago. If several bacteria are missing, please forward a copy of the report to Ken[at]lassesen.com so we may update.

BacteriaReported LevelComment
[Eubacterium] hallii [species]
Actinobacteria [phylum]
Adlercreutzia equolifaciens [species]
Akkermansia muciniphila [species]
Alistipes [genus]
Alistipes finegoldii [species]
Alistipes indistinctus [species]
Alistipes onderdonkii [species]
Alistipes shahii [species]
Anaerotruncus [genus]
Bacteroidaceae [family]
Bacteroidales [order]
Bacteroides [genus]
Bacteroides caccae [species]
Bacteroides dorei [species]
Bacteroides finegoldii [species]
Bacteroides fragilis [species] Abscesses in gastrointestinal tract, pelvic cavity and lungs[41]
Bacteroides intestinalis [species]
Bacteroides massiliensis [species]
Bacteroides ovatus [species]
Bacteroides plebeius [species]
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron [species]
Bacteroides uniformis [species]
Bacteroidia [class]
Bacteroidota [phylum]
Barnesiella [genus]
Barnesiella intestinihominis [species]
Bifidobacteriaceae [family]
Bifidobacterium [genus]
Bifidobacterium adolescentis [species]
Bifidobacterium longum [species]
Bilophila [genus]
Bilophila wadsworthia [species]
Blautia [genus]
Burkholderiales [order]
Clostridia [class]
Coprococcus [genus]
Coriobacteriaceae [family]
Desulfovibrio [genus]
Desulfovibrio desulfuricans [species]
Desulfovibrionaceae [family]
Dorea [genus]
Dorea formicigenerans [species]
Dorea longicatena [species]
Enterobacterales [order]
Euryarchaeota [phylum]
Faecalibacterium [genus]
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii [species]
Firmicutes [phylum]
Francisella tularensis [species] Pathogen
Lachnospira [genus]
Lachnospiraceae [family]
Lactococcus [genus]
Lactococcus lactis [species]
Odoribacter [genus]
Odoribacter splanchnicus [species]
Oxalobacter [genus]
Oxalobacter formigenes [species]
Parabacteroides [genus]
Parabacteroides distasonis [species]
Parabacteroides johnsonii [species]
Parabacteroides merdae [species]
Parasutterella [genus]
Parasutterella excrementihominis [species]
Porphyromonadaceae [family]
Proteobacteria [phylum]
Roseburia [genus]
Roseburia hominis [species]
Roseburia intestinalis [species]
Roseburia inulinivorans [species]
Ruminococcaceae [family]
Ruminococcus bromii [species]
Ruminococcus lactaris [species]
Streptococcus [genus] Opportunistic Bacteria
Subdoligranulum [genus]
Verrucomicrobia [phylum]
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