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Note: Many of these were created from versions of reports from several years ago. If several bacteria are missing, please forward a copy of the report to Ken[at]lassesen.com so we may update.

BacteriaReported LevelComment
[Clostridium] scindens [species]
Actinobacteria [phylum]
Actinomyces eriksonii [species]
Akkermansia muciniphila [species]
Alistipes [genus]
Anaerotruncus colihominis [species]
ATCC 22600 [[Endomyces geotrichum]] [species]
Bacteroides [genus]
Bacteroides vulgatus [species]
Bifidobacterium [genus]
Bifidobacterium adolescentis [species]
Bilophila wadsworthia [species]
broad tapeworm [genus]
Butyrivibrio crossotus [species]
Candida [genus]
Candida [species]
Candida albicans [species] Yeast/Fungi
Citrobacter [genus] Pathogen
Clonorchis [genus]
Clostridiaceae [family]
Clostridium [genus] Pathogen
Cryptosporidium [species] Parasitic Pathogens
Cyanobacteria [phylum]
Cyclospora [genus]
Cystoisospora belli [species]
Desulfobacter [genus]
Desulfovibrio [genus]
Dorea [genus]
Endolimax nana [species]
Enterobacter [genus] Pathogen
Enterobius vermicularis [species]
Enterococcus [genus]
Escherichia [genus]
Eubacterium [genus]
Euryarchaeota [phylum]
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii [species]
Fasciola [genus]
Fasciolopsis [genus]
Firmicutes [phylum]
Fusobacteraeota [phylum]
Fusobacterium nucleatum [species]
Giardia duodenalis [species]
human whipworm [species]
Hymenolepis [genus]
Hymenolepis [genus]
Klebsiella [genus] Pathogen
Lactobacillus [genus] Pathogen
Lactobacillus paracasei [species]
Lactobacillus plantarum [species]
LMG:7944 [species]
Methanobacteria [class]
Methanobrevibacter smithii [species]
Neometorchis [genus]
Oscillibacter [genus]
Oxalobacter formigenes [species]
Peptoclostridium difficile [species] Pseudomembranous colitis[26][41]; AKA C.Diff
Prevotella [genus] Autoimmune supporter
Prevotella copri [species]
Proteobacteria [phylum]
Providencia [genus] Pathogen
Pseudomonas [genus]
Roseburia [genus]
Ruminococcus [genus]
Saccharomyces cerevisiae [strain]
Schistosoma [genus]
Serratia [genus]
Streptococcus [genus] Opportunistic Bacteria
Strongyloides [genus]
Sutterella [genus]
Tenericutes [phylum]
Trichostrongylus [genus]
Verrucomicrobia [phylum]
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