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Note: Many of these were created from versions of reports from several years ago. If several bacteria are missing, please forward a copy of the report to Ken[at]lassesen.com so we may update.

BacteriaReported LevelComment
[Clostridium] leptum [species] Coagulase-positive staphylococcal infections: Skin infections, including impetigo[26][41] Acute infective endocarditis[26][41] Septis[26][26] Necrotizing pneumonia[26] Meningitis[41] Osteomyelitis[41] Toxinoses Scalded skin syndrome[26][41] Toxic shock syndrome[26][41] Staphylococcal food poisoning[26][41]
Akkermansia muciniphila [species]
Bacteroides fragilis [species] Autoimmune supporter
Bacteroides fragilis [species] Abscesses in gastrointestinal tract, pelvic cavity and lungs[41]
Bacteroidota [phylum]
Bifidobacterium [genus]
Campylobacter [genus] Pathogen
Citrobacter freundii [species] Autoimmune supporter
Clostridia [class]
Clostridioides difficile [species] Pseudomembranous colitis[26][41]; AKA C.Diff
Cryptosporidium [species] Parasitic Pathogens
Entamoeba histolytica [species] Parasitic Pathogens
Enterobacter [genus] Pathogen
Enterococcus [genus]
Enterococcus faecalis [species] Bacterial endocarditis,[41] biliary tract infections,[41] urinary tract infections[41]
Enterococcus faecium [species] Bacterial endocarditis,[41] biliary tract infections,[41] urinary tract infections[41]
Escherichia [genus]
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii [species]
Firmicutes [phylum]
Fusobacterium [genus] Autoimmune supporter
Helicobacter pylori [species] Pathogen
Lactobacillus [genus] Pathogen
Methanobacteriaceae [family] Opportunistic Bacteria
Morganella [genus] Opportunistic Bacteria/Food poisoning
Prevotella [genus] Autoimmune supporter
Proteus [genus] Pathogen
Proteus mirabilis [species] Autoimmune supporter
Pseudomonas [genus]
Pseudomonas aeruginosa [species] Opportunistic Bacteria
Salmonella [genus] Pathogen
Staphylococcus [genus]
Streptococcus [genus] Opportunistic Bacteria
Vibrio albensis [species] Pathogen
Yersinia enterocolitica [species] Pathogen
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