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Note: Many of these were created from versions of reports from several years ago. If several bacteria are missing, please forward a copy of the report to Ken[at]lassesen.com so we may update.

BacteriaReported LevelComment
Acetobacteraceae [family]
Acholeplasmataceae [family]
Acidobacteriaceae [family]
Actinomycetaceae [family]
Adoxaceae [family]
Aerococcaceae [family]
Aeromonadaceae [family]
Akkermansiaceae [family]
Alcaligenaceae [family]
Alteromonadaceae [family]
Bacillaceae [family]
Bacillales Family X. Incertae Sedis [family]
Beijerinckiaceae [family]
Borreliaceae [family]
Brachyspiraceae [family]
Bradyrhizobiaceae [family]
Brucellaceae [family]
Budviciaceae [family]
Burkholderiaceae [family]
Caldicoprobacteraceae [family]
Campylobacteraceae [family]
Cardiobacteriaceae [family]
Carnobacteriaceae [family]
Catabacteriaceae [family]
Caulobacteraceae [family]
Chloroflexaceae [family]
Christensenellaceae [family]
Chromatiaceae [family]
Clostridiaceae [family]
Clostridiales Family IV. Incertae Sedis [family]
Clostridiales Family XVI. Incertae Sedis [family]
Clostridiales Family XVII. Incertae Sedis [family]
Clostridiales incertae sedis [family]
Comamonadaceae [family]
Coriobacteriaceae [family]
Corynebacteriaceae [family]
Coxiellaceae [family]
Cyanobium [genus]
Cytophagaceae [family]
Defluviitaleaceae [family]
Desulfobacteraceae [family]
Desulfobulbaceae [family]
Ectothiorhodospiraceae [family]
Enterobacteriaceae [family]
Enterococcaceae [family]
Erwiniaceae [family]
Eubacteriaceae [family]
Flammeovirgaceae [family]
Geminicoccaceae [family]
Gomontiellaceae [family]
Gracilibacteraceae [family]
Hafniaceae [family]
Haloarchaeaceae [family]
Halomonadaceae [family]
Helicobacteraceae [family]
Hyphomicrobiaceae [family]
Hyphomonadaceae [family]
Lachnospiraceae [family]
Lactobacillaceae [family]
Legionellaceae [family]
Leptolyngbya [genus]
Leuconostocaceae [family]
Listeriaceae [family]
lotus family [family]
Methanicorpusculaceae [family]
Methanobacteriaceae [family] Opportunistic Bacteria
Methanospirillaceae [family]
Methylobacteriaceae [family]
Methylococcaceae [family]
Methylocystaceae [family]
Methylophilaceae [family]
Microbacteriaceae [family]
Micrococcaceae [family]
Micromonosporaceae [family]
Moraxellaceae [family]
Morganellaceae [family]
Mycobacteriaceae [family]
Neisseriaceae [family]
nightshade family [family]
Nitrosomonadaceae [family]
Nocardiaceae [family]
Nocardioidaceae [family]
noctuid moths [family]
Oceanospirillaceae [family]
Oscillospiraceae [family]
Oxalobacteraceae [family]
Paenibacillaceae [family]
Parachlamydiaceae [family]
Pasteurellaceae [family]
Pectobacteriaceae [family]
Peptococcaceae [family]
Peptostreptococcaceae [family]
Phyllobacteriaceae [family]
Piscirickettsiaceae [family]
Planctomycetaceae [family]
Planococcaceae [family]
Propionibacteriaceae [family]
Proteinivoraceae [family]
Pseudomonadaceae [family]
Pseudonocardiaceae [family]
Rhizobiaceae [family]
Rhodanobacteraceae [family]
Rhodobacteraceae [family]
Rhodospirillaceae [family]
Rubritaleaceae [family]
Ruminococcaceae [family]
Saccharospirillaceae [family]
Segniliparaceae [family]
Sphingomonadaceae [family]
Spirochaetaceae [family]
Spiroplasmataceae [family]
Sporolactobacillaceae [family]
Staphylococcaceae [family]
Sterolibacteriaceae [family]
Streptococcaceae [family]
Streptomycetaceae [family]
Succinivibrionaceae [family]
Sutterellaceae [family]
Symbiobacteriaceae [family]
Syntrophomonadaceae [family]
Thermoactinomycetaceae [family]
Thioalkalispiraceae [family]
Thiotrichaceae [family]
Thorselliaceae [family]
Veillonellaceae [family]
Victivallaceae [family]
Xanthomonadaceae [family]
Yersiniaceae [family]
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