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Note: Many of these were created from versions of reports from several years ago. If several bacteria are missing, please forward a copy of the report to Ken[at]lassesen.com so we may update.

BacteriaReported LevelComment
Abiotrophia [genus]
Acetanaerobacterium [genus]
Acetatifactor [genus]
Acetitomaculum [genus]
Acetivibrio [genus]
Acetoanaerobium [genus]
Acetobacter [genus]
Acetobacterium [genus]
Acetobacteroides [genus]
Acetonema [genus]
Acholeplasma [genus]
Achromobacter Yabuuchi and Yano 1981 emend. Yabuuchi et al. 1998 [genus]
Acidaminobacter [genus]
Acidaminococcus [genus]
Acidimicrobium [genus]
Acidiphilium [genus]
Acidipropionibacterium [genus]
Aciditerrimonas [genus]
Acidithiobacillus [genus]
Acidothermus [genus]
Acidovorax [genus]
Acinetobacter [genus]
Acinothrix [genus]
Actinobacillus [genus]
Actinobaculum [genus]
Actinomyces [genus] Pathogen
Actinoplanes [genus]
Actinosynnema [genus]
Actinotignum [genus]
Adlercreutzia [genus]
Aeribacillus [genus]
Aeriscardovia [genus]
Aerococcus [genus]
Aeromicrobium [genus]
Aeromonas [genus] Pathogen
Aerosphaera [genus]
Aestuariispira [genus]
Aggregatibacter [genus]
Agrococcus [genus]
Akkermansia [genus]
Albidovulum [genus]
Albimonas [genus]
Algoriphagus [genus]
Alicyclobacillus [genus]
Aliivibrio [genus]
Alistipes [genus]
Alkalibacter [genus]
Alkalibaculum [genus]
Alkaliphilus [genus]
Alkalispirillum [genus]
Alkanindiges [genus]
Allisonella [genus]
Allobaculum [genus]
Alloiococcus [genus]
Alloprevotella [genus]
Alloscardovia [genus]
Altererythrobacter [genus]
Alysiella [genus]
Amaricoccus [genus]
Ameyamaea [genus]
Aminicella [genus]
Aminivibrio [genus]
Amphibacillus [genus]
Anaerobacillus [genus]
Anaerobacter [genus]
Anaerobacterium [genus]
Anaerobiospirillum [genus]
Anaerobium [genus]
Anaerobranca [genus]
Anaerocella [genus]
Anaerococcus [genus]
Anaerocolumna [genus]
Anaerofilum [genus]
Anaerofustis [genus]
Anaeroglobus [genus]
Anaerolinea [genus]
Anaeromyxobacter [genus]
Anaeroplasma [genus]
Anaerosalibacter [genus]
Anaerosinus [genus]
Anaerospora [genus]
Anaerosporobacter [genus]
Anaerostipes [genus]
Anaerotruncus [genus]
Anaerovibrio [genus]
Anaerovorax [genus]
Aneurinibacillus [genus]
Angelakisella massiliensis [species]
Anoxybacillus [genus]
Anoxynatronum [genus]
aphid P-endosymbionts [genus]
Aquabacterium [genus]
Aquicella [genus]
Aquipuribacter [genus]
Arcanobacterium [genus]
Arsenophonus [genus]
Arthrobacter [genus]
Asaccharobacter [genus]
Asaccharospora [genus]
Asteroleplasma [genus]
Asticcacaulis [genus]
ATCC 700169 [species]
Atopobium [genus]
Atopococcus [genus]
Atopostipes [genus]
Aureimonas [genus]
Azorhizobium [genus]
Azospira [genus]
Azospirillum [genus]
Azotomonas [genus]
Bacillus [genus] Pathogen
Bacteria [genus]
Bacteroides [genus]
Baia [genus]
Barnesiella [genus]
Bdellovibrio [genus]
Belnapia [genus]
Bergeyella [genus]
Bifidobacterium [genus]
Bilophila [genus]
Blastocatella [genus]
Blastococcus [genus]
Blautia [genus]
Bordetella [genus]
Borrelia [genus] include notable pathogens, including Lyme
Bosea [genus]
Brachybacterium [genus]
Brachyspira [genus]
Bradyrhizobium [genus]
Branchiibius [genus]
Brassicibacter [genus]
Brenneria [genus]
Brevibacillus [genus]
Brevibacterium [genus]
Brevifollis [genus]
Brevundimonas [genus]
Brochothrix [genus]
Brucella [genus] Pathogen
Brucella tularensis [species] Pathogen
Bulleidia [genus]
Burkholderia [genus] Pathogen
Buttiauxella [genus]
Butyricicoccus [genus]
Butyricimonas [genus]
Butyrivibrio [genus]
Caballeronia [genus]
Caldanaerobacter [genus]
Caldanaerobius [genus]
Caldicoprobacter [genus]
Caldinitratiruptor [genus]
Caldisalinibacter [genus]
Caloramator [genus]
Calothrix [genus]
Caminicella [genus]
Campylobacter [genus] Pathogen
Candidatus Soleaferrea [genus]
Candidatus Stoquefichus [genus]
Capnocytophaga [genus] Pathogen
Carboxydocella [genus]
Carboxydothermus [genus]
Carboxylicivirga [genus]
Cardiobacterium [genus]
Carnobacterium [genus]
Casaltella [genus]
Catabacter [genus]
Catellicoccus [genus]
Catenibacterium [genus]
Catonella [genus]
Caulobacter [genus]
Cellulomonas [genus]
Cellulosibacter [genus]
Cellulosilyticum [genus]
Centipeda [genus]
Cerasicoccus [genus]
Cetobacterium [genus]
Chania [genus]
Chelatococcus [genus]
Chloroflexus [genus]
Christensenella [genus]
Chroococcidiopsis [genus]
Chryseobacterium [genus]
Chthonomonas [genus]
Citrobacter [genus] Pathogen
Clavibacter [genus]
Cloacibacillus [genus]
Cloacibacterium [genus]
Clostridioides [genus]
Clostridium [genus] Pathogen
Cohnella [genus]
Collimonas [genus]
Collinsella [genus]
Comamonas [genus]
Coprobacillus [genus]
Coprobacter [genus]
Coprococcus [genus]
Coprothermobacter [genus]
Corynebacterium [genus] Pathogen
Craurococcus [genus]
Croceibacter [genus]
Cronobacter [genus]
Crossiella [genus]
Cryobacterium [genus]
Cryptobacterium [genus]
Curtibacterium [genus]
Curvibacter [genus]
Cutibacterium [genus]
Cyphomandra [genus]
Defluviimonas [genus]
Dehalobacter [genus]
Dehalobacterium [genus]
Dehalogenimonas [genus]
Deinococcus [genus]
Delftia [genus]
Denitratisoma [genus]
Denitrobacterium [genus]
Dermabacter [genus]
Dermacoccus [genus]
Desemzia [genus]
Desmospora [genus]
Desulfarculus [genus]
Desulfatibacillum [genus]
Desulfitibacter [genus]
Desulfitobacterium [genus]
Desulfobacca [genus]
Desulfobacterium [genus]
Desulfobaculum [genus]
Desulfobulbus [genus]
Desulfocella [genus]
Desulfomicrobium [genus]
Desulfosoma [genus]
Desulfosporosinus [genus]
Desulfovibrio [genus]
Desulfurispora [genus]
Desulfuromonas [genus]
Dethiobacter [genus]
Dethiosulfatibacter [genus]
Dethiosulfovibrio [genus]
Devosia [genus]
Dialister [genus]
Dictyoglomus [genus]
Dielma [genus]
Dokdonella [genus]
Dolosigranulum [genus]
Donovania Anderson et al. 1944 [genus] Pathogen
Dorea [genus]
Dyadobacter [genus]
Dysgonomonas [genus]
Echinicola [genus]
Edwardsiella [genus]
Effusibacillus [genus]
Eggerthella [genus]
Eggerthia [genus]
Eikenella [genus]
Eisenbergiella [genus]
Elusimicrobium [genus]
Emticicia [genus]
Enhydrobacter [genus]
Enorma [genus]
Ensifer [genus]
Enterobacter [genus] Pathogen
Enterococcus [genus]
Enterorhabdus [genus]
Epulopiscium [genus]
Ercella [genus]
Eremococcus [genus]
Erwinia [genus]
Erysipelatoclostridium [genus]
Erysipelothrix [genus]
Escherichia [genus]
Ethanoligenens [genus]
Eubacterium [genus]
Eudoraea [genus]
Euzebya [genus]
Exiguobacterium [genus]
Facklamia [genus]
Faecalibacterium [genus]
Faecalicoccus [genus]
Faecalitalea [genus]
Falsiporphyromonas [genus]
Fastidiosipila [genus]
Fenollaria [genus]
Fergusonia [genus]
Ferruginibacter [genus]
Fervidicella [genus]
Fibrobacter [genus]
Filifactor [genus]
Finegoldia [genus]
Flammeovirga [genus]
Flaviflexus [genus]
Flavisolibacter [genus]
Flavitalea [genus]
Flavobacterium [genus]
Flavonifractor [genus]
Flectobacillus [genus]
Flexibacter [genus]
Flexivirga [genus]
Fluviimonas [genus]
Fodinicurvata [genus]
Fonticella [genus]
Francisella [genus]
Frankia [genus]
Fretibacterium [genus]
Friedmanniella [genus]
Frondicola [genus]
Fructobacillus [genus]
Fusicatenibacter [genus]
Fusobacterium [genus] Autoimmune supporter
Gaetbulibacter [genus]
Gaiella [genus]
Gallicola [genus]
Gardnerella [genus]
Gelria [genus]
Gemella [genus]
Gemmiger [genus]
Geobacillus [genus]
Geothrix [genus]
Globicatella [genus]
Gordonia [genus]
Gordonibacter [genus]
Gottschalkia [genus]
Gracilibacillus [genus]
Gracilibacter [genus]
Gracilimonas [genus]
Granulicatella [genus]
Guggenheimella [genus]
Haematobacter [genus]
Haemophilus [genus] Pathogen
Hafnia [genus]
Hahella [genus]
Haliangium [genus]
Haliea [genus]
Halobacter [genus]
Halochromatium [genus]
Haloferax [genus]
Halomonas [genus]
Haloplasma [genus]
Halopolyspora [genus]
Halothermothrix [genus]
Hathewaya [genus]
Helcococcus [genus]
Helicobacter [genus]
Heliophilum [genus]
Henriciella [genus]
Herbaspirillum [genus]
Herbinix [genus]
Herminiimonas [genus]
Hespellia [genus]
Holdemanella [genus]
Holdemania [genus]
Hoppeia [genus]
Howardella [genus]
Humibacter [genus]
Hungatella [genus]
Hydrogenibacillus [genus]
Hydrogenispora [genus]
Hydrogenoanaerobacterium [genus]
Hydrogenophilus [genus]
Hymenobacter [genus]
Hyphomicrobium [genus]
Iamia [genus]
Intestinibacter [genus]
Intestinimonas [genus]
Janibacter [genus]
Jeotgalicoccus [genus]
Johnsonella [genus]
Jonquetella [genus]
Kallipyga [genus]
Kandleria [genus]
Kingella [genus]
Kluyvera [genus]
Kocuria [genus]
Kosakonia [genus]
Kribbella [genus]
Kushneria [genus]
Lachnoanaerobaculum [genus]
Lachnobacterium [genus]
Lachnoclostridium [genus]
Lachnospira [genus]
Lactobacillus [genus] Pathogen
Lactococcus [genus]
Lactonifactor [genus]
Lautropia [genus]
Lawsonia [genus]
Legionella [genus] include notable pathogens
Lentibacillus [genus]
Leptotrichia [genus]
Leucobacter [genus]
Leuconostoc [genus]
Levyella [genus]
Limnobacter [genus]
Listeria [genus]
Litoribacillus [genus]
Litorilituus [genus]
Luteolibacter [genus]
Lutibacter [genus]
Lutispora [genus]
Lysinibacillus [genus]
Lysobacter [genus]
Mageeibacillus [genus]
Malassezia [genus]
Maledivibacter [genus]
Mangroviflexus [genus]
Mannheimia [genus]
Marichromatium [genus]
Marinifilum [genus]
Mariniradius [genus]
Marinobacter [genus]
Marinococcus [genus]
Marvinbryantia [genus]
Massilia [genus]
Mechercharimyces [genus]
Megamonas [genus]
Megasphaera [genus]
Meiothermus [genus]
Melioribacter [genus]
Melittangium [genus]
Meniscus [genus]
Mesonia [genus]
Mesorhizobium [genus]
Methanobrevibacter [genus]
Methanocorpusculum [genus]
Methanomassiliicoccus [genus]
Methanomethylophilus [genus]
Methanosphaera [genus]
Methanosphaerula [genus]
Methanospirillum [genus]
Methylobacillus [genus]
Methylobacterium [genus]
Methylogaea [genus]
Methylotenera [genus]
Microaerobacter [genus]
Microbacterium [genus]
Micrococcus [genus]
Microthrix [genus]
Mitsuokella [genus]
Mobilitalea [genus]
Mobiluncus [genus]
Modestobacter [genus]
Mogibacterium [genus]
Moheibacter [genus]
Moorella [genus]
Moraxella [genus]
Morganella [genus] Opportunistic Bacteria/Food poisoning
Moryella [genus]
Murdochiella [genus]
Murimonas [genus]
Mycobacterium [genus]
Mycoplasma [genus]
Nannocystis [genus]
Natranaerovirga [genus]
Natronincola [genus]
Nautilia [genus]
Negativicoccus [genus]
Neisseria [genus] Pathogen
Nelumbo [genus]
Niabella [genus]
Niastella [genus]
Nitrobacter [genus]
Nitrococcus [genus]
Nitrosococcus [genus]
Nitrosomonas [genus]
Nocardioides [genus]
Nocardiopsis [genus]
Nosocomiicoccus [genus]
Novosphingobium [genus]
Ochrobactrum [genus]
Odoribacter [genus]
Oenococcus [genus]
Ohtaekwangia [genus]
Oligella [genus]
Olsenella [genus]
Opitutus [genus]
Oribacterium [genus]
Ornithinicoccus [genus]
Oscillibacter [genus]
Oscillospira [genus]
Oxalobacter [genus]
Oxobacter [genus]
Paenibacillus [genus]
Paeniglutamicibacter [genus]
Paenisporosarcina [genus]
Paludibacter [genus]
Pantoea [genus]
Papillibacter [genus]
Parabacteroides [genus]
Paraeggerthella [genus]
Paraprevotella [genus]
Parascardovia [genus]
Parasporobacterium [genus]
Parasutterella [genus]
Parvibacter [genus]
Parvimonas [genus]
Pasteurella [genus]
Patulibacter [genus]
Paucibacter [genus]
Pectinatus [genus]
Pectobacterium [genus]
Pediococcus [genus]
Pedobacter [genus]
Pelagicoccus [genus]
Pelomonas [genus]
Pelosinus [genus]
Pelotomaculum [genus]
Peptoanaerobacter [genus]
Peptoclostridium [genus]
Peptococcus [genus]
Peptoniphilus [genus]
Peptostreptococcus [genus] Pathogen
Persicirhabdus [genus]
Phaeodactylibacter [genus]
Phascolarctobacterium [genus]
Phenylobacterium [genus]
Phocaeicola [genus]
Photobacterium [genus]
Photorhabdus [genus]
Phyllobacterium [genus]
Pilibacter [genus]
Pirellula [genus]
Planifilum [genus]
Planktophila [genus]
Planococcus [genus]
Planomicrobium [genus]
Plantibacter [genus]
Pleomorphomonas [genus]
Pluralibacter [genus]
Polymonas [genus]
Pontibacillus [genus]
Pontibacter [genus]
Porphyromonas [genus]
Pragia [genus]
Prevotella [genus] Autoimmune supporter
Propionibacterium [genus]
Propioniferax [genus]
Propionimicrobium [genus]
Propionispira [genus]
Propionispora [genus]
Proteiniborus [genus]
Proteiniphilum [genus]
Proteinivorax [genus]
Proteocatella [genus]
Proteus [genus] Pathogen
Providencia [genus] Pathogen
Pseudobutyrivibrio [genus]
Pseudochrobactrum [genus]
Pseudoclavibacter [genus]
Pseudodesulfovibrio [genus]
Pseudoflavonifractor [genus]
Pseudoglutamicibacter [genus]
Pseudomonas [genus]
Pseudopedobacter [genus]
Pseudopropionibacterium [genus]
Pseudoramibacter [genus]
Pseudoscardovia [genus]
Pseudoscillatoria [genus]
Pseudoxanthomonas [genus]
Psychrobacter [genus]
Pullulanibacillus [genus]
Pusillimonas [genus]
Pyramidobacter [genus]
Quadrisphaera [genus]
Rahnella [genus]
Ralstonia [genus]
Raoultella [genus]
Rathayibacter [genus]
Rheinheimera [genus]
Rhizobium [genus]
Rhodobacter [genus]
Rhodococcus [genus]
Rhodocytophaga [genus]
Rhodopseudomonas [genus]
Rhodothermus [genus]
Rhodovulum [genus]
Robinsoniella [genus]
Romboutsia [genus]
Roseburia [genus]
Rosenbergiella [genus]
Roseococcus [genus]
Roseomonas [genus]
Roseovarius [genus]
Rothia [genus]
Rubellimicrobium [genus]
Rubritalea [genus]
Rubritepida [genus]
Rubrobacter [genus]
Ruminiclostridium [genus]
Ruminobacter [genus]
Ruminococcus bromii [species]
Ruminococcus lactaris [species]
Saccharibacillus [genus]
Saccharicrinis [genus]
Saccharimonas [genus]
Saccharopolyspora [genus]
Salinibacillus [genus]
Salinibacterium [genus]
Salinicoccus [genus]
Salinispirillum [genus]
Salisaeta [genus]
Salmonella [genus] Pathogen
Sarcina [genus]
Scardovia [genus]
Schlegelella [genus]
Sedimentibacter [genus]
Sediminibacterium [genus]
Segniliparus [genus]
Selenihalanaerobacter [genus]
Selenomonas [genus]
Senegalimassilia [genus]
Serratia [genus]
Shigella [genus] Pathogen
Shinella [genus]
Shuttleworthia [genus]
Simonsiella [genus]
Singulisphaera [genus]
Sinibacillus [genus]
Sinomonas [genus]
Skermanella [genus]
Slackia [genus]
Sneathia [genus]
Solirubrobacter [genus]
Solobacterium [genus]
Sphaerobacter [genus]
Sphingobacterium [genus]
Sphingobium [genus]
Sphingomonas [genus]
Sphingopyxis [genus]
Spirochaeta [genus]
Spiroplasma [genus]
Spodoptera [genus]
Sporanaerobacter [genus]
Sporobacter [genus]
Sporobacterium [genus]
Sporosarcina [genus]
Sporotomaculum [genus]
Staphylococcus [genus]
Starria [genus]
Stella [genus]
Stenotrophomonas [genus]
Stomatobaculum [genus]
Streptobacillus [genus]
Streptococcus [genus] Opportunistic Bacteria
Streptomyces [genus]
Subdoligranulum [genus]
Succinatimonas [genus]
Succiniclasticum [genus]
Succinivibrio Bryant and Small 1956 [genus]
Sulfuricurvum [genus]
Sunxiuqinia [genus]
Sutterella [genus]
Synergistes [genus]
Syntrophaceticus [genus]
Syntrophobacter [genus]
Syntrophococcus [genus]
Syntrophomonas [genus]
Syntrophothermus [genus]
Syntrophus [genus]
Tannerella [genus]
Tapinothrix [genus]
Tepidibacillus [genus]
Tepidimicrobium [genus]
Tepidimonas [genus]
Terracoccus [genus]
Terribacillus [genus]
Terrisporobacter [genus]
Tessaracoccus [genus]
Tetragenococcus [genus]
Texcoconibacillus [genus]
Thalassospira [genus]
Thermacetogenium [genus]
Thermaerobacter [genus]
Thermicanus [genus]
Thermincola [genus]
Thermoanaerobacter [genus]
Thermobifida [genus]
Thermoflexibacter [genus]
Thermohydrogenium [genus]
Thermoleophilum [genus]
Thermolithobacter [genus]
Thermolongibacillus [genus]
Thermomonas [genus]
Thermomonospora [genus]
Thermus [genus]
Thioalkalimicrobium [genus]
Thiobacter [genus]
Thiocapsa [genus]
Thiohalocapsa [genus]
Thiolamprovum [genus]
Thiomonas [genus]
Thiophaeococcus [genus]
Thiothrix [genus]
Thorsellia [genus]
Tindallia [genus]
Tissierella [genus]
Tistrella [genus]
Tonsillophilus [genus]
Treponema [genus]
Trichococcus [genus]
Truepera [genus]
Trueperella [genus]
Turicella [genus]
Turicibacter [genus]
Tychonema [genus]
Tyzzerella [genus]
Undibacterium [genus]
Ureaplasma [genus]
Vagococcus [genus]
Vampirovibrio [genus]
Varibaculum [genus]
Variovorax [genus]
Veillonella [genus]
Vibrio [genus] Pathogen
Victivallis [genus]
Virgibacillus [genus]
Vulcanithermus [genus]
Weissella [genus]
Xanthobacter [genus]
Xanthomonas [genus]
Xylanibacterium [genus]
Yersinia [genus]
Youngiibacter [genus]
Zoogloea [genus]
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