Interactions of Betaproteobacteria(class)

This is produced by citizen science, that is from uploaded samples to this site. The source data may be downloaded and these associations independently verified. This material has not appear in any published studies.

Bacteria Network By Class

The thickness of the lines indicates the degree of impact. The relationship is two way, to reduce visual clutter the second arrow is omitted.
  1. Blue Lines: Plays nicely with,
  2. Red lines: Fights/inhibits
  3. Size is the relative median value observed (log of that is)
  4. Minor relationships are excluded (things get too busy too fast!)
Frequency found in samples
0-10% 10-20% 20-30% 30-40% 40-50% 50-60% 60-70% 70-80% 80-80% 90-100%

How the above networks were determined

Probability by chance:
Linearity Strength:

Linearity Strength is an approximation of the amount of influence between these two. 100% means they are tightly associated in a linear model. Also, the more squares (and smaller numbers in each) that are displayed, the better the relationship.

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