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Detail Microbiome Uploads

Select the lab report on your microbiome below that you wish to upload

Uploads should be working now. If a bacteria is listed (old name often) that cannot be matched, it will be displayed after the upload

At present the best bang(most bacteria taxa) for the money is Biome Sight with "MICRO" as discount code , followed by Thryve Alive

Upload Statistics

Different Bacteria Reported in Samples

SourceLow CountAverage CountHigh Count
AmericanGut 27 67 97
Microba 94 94 94
uBiome 23 232 665
SequentiaBiotech 135 256 368
CosmosId 431 478 559
BiomeSight 152 529 1014
Thryve 156 629 1588
es-xenogene 1319 2358 3733

First Class Uploads (Uploads contain Taxon Numbers)

Second Class Source (Name matching)

The uploaders below will NOT be updated if the format is changed by the provider unless their loads contains taxon numbers. See this post.


If your report is missing, please email a copy to Ken{at}Lassesen.com and it will be added to this page

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