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Thryve Microbiome Uploads

If you encounter issues, email the file to Ken/at\lassesen.com. Thanks. Providers keep changing formats :-(

The file must be a text file -- see examples below.
File to upload
Uploader Email
When Sample was taken

Example #1 of file's text at top


Example #2 of file's text at top

"821","species","Bacteroides vulgatus","Bacteroides","12055"

Example #3 of file's text at top

371601,species,Bacteroides xylanisolvens,Bacteroides,776

Example #4 of file's text at top


If you encounter any issues, please email Ken@lassesen.com attaching your file. Thryve upload are still evolving.

By uploading, you consent to allow your microbiome data and symptoms to be made available to citizen scientists for further discoveries. If you wish to be anonymous and use this site, it is recommended that you enter a bogus email address and use that email address to access your data later. You will be shown the login information once after upload -- make sure that you copy it down if using a bogus email.

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