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Advenella    Metagenomic analyses of alcohol induced pathogenic alterations in the intestinal microbiome and the effect of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG treatment.
PloS one (PLoS One ) Vol: 8 Issue 1 Pages: e53028
Pub: 2013 Epub: 2013 Jan 9 Authors Bull-Otterson L , Feng W , Kirpich I , Wang Y , Qin X , Liu Y , Gobejishvili L , Joshi-Barve S , Ayvaz T , Petrosino J , Kong M , Barker D , McClain C , Barve S , if(open==true){ }
Advenella    Effects of polysaccharides from purple sweet potatoes on immune response and gut microbiota composition in normal and cyclophosphamide treated mice.
Food & function (Food Funct ) Vol: 9 Issue 2 Pages: 937-950
Pub: 2018 Feb 21 Epub: Authors Tang C , Sun J , Zhou B , Jin C , Liu J , Kan J , Qian C , Zhang N , if(open==true){ }
Advenella    Structural characterization of water-soluble polysaccharide from Arctium lappa and its effects on colitis mice.
Carbohydrate polymers (Carbohydr Polym ) Vol: 213 Issue Pages: 89-99
Pub: 2019 Jun 1 Epub: 2019 Feb 27 Authors Wang Y , Zhang N , Kan J , Zhang X , Wu X , Sun R , Tang S , Liu J , Qian C , Jin C , if(open==true){ }

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