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Acetobacteraceae    Gut microbiota influences Alzheimer`s disease pathogenesis by regulating acetate in Drosophila model.
Future microbiology (Future Microbiol ) Vol: Issue Pages:
Pub: 2018 Jul 25 Epub: 2018 Jul 25 Authors Kong Y , Jiang B , Luo X , if(open==true){ }
Acetobacteraceae    Medicinal herbs as a potential strategy to decrease methane production by rumen microbiota: a systematic evaluation with a focus on Perilla frutescens seed extract.
Applied microbiology and biotechnology (Appl Microbiol Biotechnol ) Vol: 100 Issue 22 Pages: 9757-9771
Pub: 2016 Nov Epub: 2016 Sep 22 Authors Wang J , Liu M , Wu Y , Wang L , Liu J , Jiang L , Yu Z , if(open==true){ }

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