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Decreases Bacteroides oleiciplenus - glycyrrhizic acid (licorice)    Prebiotic Potential of Herbal Medicines Used in Digestive Health and Disease.
Journal of alternative and complementary medicine (New York, N.Y.) (J Altern Complement Med ) Vol: 24 Issue 7 Pages: 656-665
Pub: 2018 Jul Epub: 2018 Mar 22 Authors Peterson CT , Sharma V , Uchitel S , Denniston K , Chopra D , Mills PJ , Peterson SN ,
Decreases Bacteroides oleiciplenus - glycyrrhizic acid (licorice)    Dietary prophage inducers and antimicrobials: toward landscaping the human gut microbiome.
Gut microbes (Gut Microbes ) Vol: Issue Pages: 1-14
Pub: 2020 Jan 13 Epub: 2020 Jan 13 Authors Boling L , Cuevas DA , Grasis JA , Kang HS , Knowles B , Levi K , Maughan H , McNair K , Rojas MI , Sanchez SE , Smurthwaite C , Rohwer F ,

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