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Clostridium butyricum TO-A    Clostridium butyricum TO-A culture supernatant downregulates TLR4 in human colonic epithelial cells.
Digestive diseases and sciences (Dig Dis Sci ) Vol: 52 Issue 11 Pages: 2963-71
Pub: 2007 Nov Epub: 2007 Apr 3 Authors Isono A , Katsuno T , Sato T , Nakagawa T , Kato Y , Sato N , Seo G , Suzuki Y , Saito Y ,
Clostridium butyricum TO-A    Effectiveness of probiotic therapy for the prevention of relapse in patients with inactive ulcerative colitis.
World journal of gastroenterology (World J Gastroenterol ) Vol: 21 Issue 19 Pages: 5985-94
Pub: 2015 May 21 Epub: Authors Yoshimatsu Y , Yamada A , Furukawa R , Sono K , Osamura A , Nakamura K , Aoki H , Tsuda Y , Hosoe N , Takada N , Suzuki Y ,
Clostridium butyricum TO-A    Probiotics reduce infectious complications after pancreaticoduodenectomy.
Hepato-gastroenterology (Hepatogastroenterology ) Vol: 54 Issue 75 Pages: 661-3
Pub: 2007 Apr-May Epub: Authors Nomura T , Tsuchiya Y , Nashimoto A , Yabusaki H , Takii Y , Nakagawa S , Sato N , Kanbayashi C , Tanaka O ,
Clostridium butyricum TO-A    Transfer of neurotoxigenicity from Clostridium butyricum to a nontoxigenic Clostridium botulinum type E-like strain.
Applied and environmental microbiology (Appl Environ Microbiol ) Vol: 59 Issue 11 Pages: 3825-31
Pub: 1993 Nov Epub: Authors Zhou Y , Sugiyama H , Johnson EA ,

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