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Type 2 Diabetes - Acidaminococcus    The Gut Microbial Diversity of Newly Diagnosed Diabetics but Not of Prediabetics Is Significantly Different from That of Healthy Nondiabetics.
mSystems (mSystems ) Vol: 5 Issue 2 Pages:
Pub: 2020 Mar 31 Epub: 2020 Mar 31 Authors Gaike AH , Paul D , Bhute S , Dhotre DP , Pande P , Upadhyaya S , Reddy Y , Sampath R , Ghosh D , Chandraprabha D , Acharya J , Banerjee G , Sinkar VP , Ghaskadbi SS , Shouche YS ,
Type 2 Diabetes - Acidaminococcus    New insights from uncultivated genomes of the global human gut microbiome.
Nature (Nature ) Vol: 568 Issue 7753 Pages: 505-510
Pub: 2019 Apr Epub: 2019 Mar 13 Authors Nayfach S , Shi ZJ , Seshadri R , Pollard KS , Kyrpides NC ,

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