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Autism - Prevotella copri    Changes in the Gut Microbiota of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism Research (Autism Res ) Vol: 13 Issue 9 Pages: 1614-1625
Pub: 2020 Sep Epub: 2020 Aug 24 Authors Zou R , Xu F , Wang Y , Duan M , Guo M , Zhang Q , Zhao H , Zheng H ,
Autism - Prevotella copri    Differences in fecal microbial metabolites and microbiota of children with autism spectrum disorders.
Anaerobe (Anaerobe ) Vol: 49 Issue Pages: 121-131
Pub: 2018 Feb Epub: 2017 Dec 22 Authors Kang DW , Ilhan ZE , Isern NG , Hoyt DW , Howsmon DP , Shaffer M , Lozupone CA , Hahn J , Adams JB , Krajmalnik-Brown R ,

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