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Autism - Bifidobacterium    Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Associated With Altered Production of Short Chain Fatty Acids in Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology (Front Cell Infect Microbiol ) Vol: 10 Issue Pages: 223
Pub: 2020 Epub: 2020 May 19 Authors Bojovic K , Ignjatovic ÐI , Sokovic Bajic S , Vojnovic Milutinovic D , Tomic M , Golic N , Tolinacki M ,
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Autism - Bifidobacterium    Characterization of Intestinal Microbiota and Probiotics Treatment in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders in China.
Frontiers in neurology (Front Neurol ) Vol: 10 Issue Pages: 1084
Pub: 2019 Epub: 2019 Nov 5 Authors Niu M , Li Q , Zhang J , Wen F , Dang W , Duan G , Li H , Ruan W , Yang P , Guan C , Tian H , Gao X , Zhang S , Yuan F , Han Y ,
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Autism - Bifidobacterium    Association Between Gut Microbiota and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Frontiers in psychiatry (Front Psychiatry ) Vol: 10 Issue Pages: 473
Pub: 2019 Epub: 2019 Jul 17 Authors Xu M , Xu X , Li J , Li F ,
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Autism - Bifidobacterium    Altered composition and function of intestinal microbiota in autism spectrum disorders: a systematic review.
Translational psychiatry (Transl Psychiatry ) Vol: 9 Issue 1 Pages: 43
Pub: 2019 Jan 29 Epub: 2019 Jan 29 Authors Liu F , Li J , Wu F , Zheng H , Peng Q , Zhou H ,
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Autism - Bifidobacterium    Microbiota-related Changes in Bile Acid & Tryptophan Metabolism are Associated with Gastrointestinal Dysfunction in a Mouse Model of Autism.
EBioMedicine (EBioMedicine ) Vol: 24 Issue Pages: 166-178
Pub: 2017 Oct Epub: 2017 Sep 21 Authors Golubeva AV , Joyce SA , Moloney G , Burokas A , Sherwin E , Arboleya S , Flynn I , Khochanskiy D , Moya-Pérez A , Peterson V , Rea K , Murphy K , Makarova O , Buravkov S , Hyland NP , Stanton C , Clarke G , Gahan CGM , Dinan TG , Cryan JF ,
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