D-Glucose: Bacteria Producing

If you are too high or too low in an endproduct, you may use this page to identify bacteria that you may be too high or too low in. You can add bacteria choices to a hand pick set of bacteria to modify and thus get very specific suggestions.

The data below is incomplete for two reasons: labs do not report on all bacteria; incomplete knowledge of producers

End Product

Tax Rank Tax Name Samples With Citation
genus Acetobacter 1.1% 📚 Citations
Lactobacillus 83.3% 📚 Citations
Spirochaeta 0.6% 📚 Citations
Streptomyces 11.7% 📚 Citations
Thermomonospora 0.2% 📚 Citations
Veillonella 78.4% 📚 Citations
species Acetobacter pasteurianus 0.1% 📚 Citations
Lactobacillus vaginalis 2% 📚 Citations
Spirochaeta thermophila 0% 📚 Citations
Veillonella dispar 34.6% 📚 Citations

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