Select Foods found with Bacteria

The data comes from FoodMicrobionet and does not cover yogurts with probiotics added. Most foods have not been studied.

FoodDifferent Bacteria
Abbaye de Citeaux 42
Aloreña olives 62
Arax cheese 97
Ayran 37
backslopped kefir 12
Beer 55
Beer American Wild Ale 56
Beer Belgian Strong Dark Ale 55
Beer Brett Beer 18
Beer Farmhouse Ale - Sahti 10
Beer Farmhouse Ale - Saison 5
Beer Sour - Fruited 17
Beer Sour Ale 20
Beer Sour Flanders Red Ale 173
Betlehem cheese 30
Boule d'akassa (Burkina Faso) 113
Boule d'akassa (Burkina Faso) 81
bovis sausage 12
Brie cheese 181
Butter cheese, cow milk 118
BZ Liqvan cheese cheese farm B 55
cabbage kimchi 30day, CK30 15
Caciocavallo Silano 22
Caipira cheese 189
Campo das Vertentes cheese 126
Canastra cheese, cow milk 101
Cassava dough, Ghana 110
Cerrado cheese, cow milk 93
Cheddar cheese 140
Cheddar cheese(USA) 6
Cheese 99
Cheese with dietary fibers 144
cheese with enzymes 22
cheese with enzymes plus Brochothrix thermosphacta 26
cheese with enzymes plus Lactococcus lactis 24
cheese with enzymes plus mix of Lc. lactis; V. casei; S. equorum; B. thermosphacta 26
cheese with enzymes plus Staphylococcus equorum 27
cheese with enzymes plus Vibrio casei 38
cheese with enzymes, rind 18
Cheese with protective lactobacilli in milk 123
Cheese, Caciocavallo 96
Cheese, Cheddar 17
Cheese, Emmental 43
Chinese fish sauce 667
chive kimchi 10
chopped pepper fermentation D21 24
Chorizo 58
Cider - Dry 113
Cider soaked Cheddar cheese(USA) 16
Colonial cheese, cow milk 114
commercial yoghurt 13
cow cheese, core, raw 34
cow cheese, rind, raw 37
Curd cheese, cow milk 210
Dawadawa, Ghana 165
Dehulled maize dough fermented 12h, Ghana 180
Dehulled maize dough, Ghana 200
Douchi 109
dry-fermented sausage treated with chestnut extract 25
dry-fermented sausage treated with grape seed extract 42
dry-fermented sausage treated with sodium nitrite 43
DZ Liqvan cheese cheese farm D 83
Epoisses (French Cheese) 72
EZ Liqvan cheese cheese farm E 58
Fermented Fabriano-like sausage 88
Fermented finger millet 160
Fermented glutinous rice 167
fermented Hakarl 167
Fermented Piedmont Meat 28
Firm - ripened cheeses Pasteurised Cow 35
Firm - ripened cheeses Pasteurised Goat 4
Firm - ripened cheeses Pasteurised Sheep 10
Firm - ripened cheeses Unpasteurised Cow 50
Firm/semi-hard cheese (Gouda and Edam type), caciotta 31
Fontina Cheese 35
Fromadzo (Italian Cheese) 37
Fura, Ghana 87
Gappal seche, Burkina Faso 119
Ghee, Uganda 98
Gioddu (Italian Beverage) 28
Grana Padano (Italian Cheese) 23
Grancacio 8
Greek kefir 104
Greek style fermented table olives, Table Olives Kalamata 139
Gruyere cheese 193
Ham fermented for 4 years 566
Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Pasteurised Cow 43
Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Pasteurised Goat 10
Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Pasteurised Sheep, rind 16
Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Unpasteurised Cow 40
Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Unpasteurised Cow, rind 36
Hard cheese (Cheddar, Emmental type) Unpasteurised Goat 16
horse sausage 16
Insecta environmental sample Control 5
IPM milk culture 9
Jarlsberg cheese 165
Kazak cheese 28
Kefir 59
kefir drink culture 19
Kefir grain 32
Kokonte, Ghana 148
Korean soy sauce Choongju ganjang 180-4 1 29
Korean soy sauce Gongju ganjang 180-9 1 105
Korean soy sauce Gyeongju ganjang 180-11 1 21
Korean soy sauce Hadong ganjang 180-2 1 18
Korean soy sauce Sunchang ganjang 180-10 1 30
Korean soy sauce Yeongyang meju M3 1 14
Kwerionik, Uganda 107
Lard Farm 326
leaf mustard kimchi 30day, L30 8
Liqvan cheese cheese 61
Liqvan cheese cheese 51
Livarot (French Cheese) 104
Maize dough, Ghana 125
Malaysian fermented fish sauce 725
Marajó cheese, water buffalo milk + cow milk 72
Maroilles (French Cheese) 49
Mawe from maize fermented 12h, Benin 85
Mawe from maize fermented 48h, Benin 108
Mawe from sorghum fermented 12h, Benin 133
Mawe from sorghum fermented 48h, Benin 106
Millet dough(Ghana) 110
Millet dough(Ghana) 97
Millet dough(Ghana) 105
Mont d'Or (France) 60
Motoho fermented 72h, South Africa 132
Mozzarella cheese 220
Munster cheese 83
natural milk culture 24
Nono, Nigeria 95
Nunu, Ghana 163
Nyons fermented Olive fruit 20
Obushera, Uganda 143
Ogi from maize, Nigeria 142
Ogi from sorghum, Nigeria 112
Olive 10
Olive 16
Paipa cheese 111
Palm wine 309
Parmigiano Reggiano (Italy) 25
Parmigiano Reggiano dairy 35
Passito wine 207
Pasteurized Annatto 24
Pasteurized Carotene 36
Pecorino(Italian Cheese) 53
Pelardon (French Cheese) 21
Picual olives 66
Piedmont hard cheese 134
Pinot noir soaked Cheddar cheese 11
Pont l'Eveque(France) 31
pork sausage 13
Porter soaked Cheddar cheese(USA) 9
Portuguese Painho de Porco Iberico fermented sausages 265
Provolone cheese(USA) 6
Raclette du Valais Switzerland 31
Reblochon Cheese (France) 56
Ricotta 18
Robiola di Roccaverano Cheese (Italy) 308
Saint Marcellin Cheese (France) 21
Saint Nectaire Cheese (France) 104
salami at t28 days, inoculated with L. monocitogenes and Lb. curvatus 54M16, 17
salami at t28 days, inoculated with L. monocitogenes, 29
salami at t28 days, inoculated with Lb. curvatus 54M16, 15
salami at t28 days, no starter, 23
Sausage, Cyprus: Limassol 757
Sausage, Cyprus: Paphos 174
Scamorza 9
Serra de Canastra cheese(Brazil) 27
Serrano cheese, cow milk 112
Serro cheese, cow milk 99
Shubat Camel Cheese(Turkey) 47
Smoked Cheddar cheese(USA) 11
Smoked Provolone cheese(USA) 10
Smoked Swiss cheese(USA) 12
Soft - ripened cheese Pasteurised Cow 41
Soft - ripened cheese Pasteurised Goat 14
Soft - ripened cheese Pasteurised Sheep 3
Soft - ripened cheese Unpasteurised Cow 22
Soft - ripened cheese Unpasteurised Goat 10
Soumaintrain Cheese(France) 91
Sour Meat 63
Stinky beans Inoculated fermentation L. plantarum sampling time 15 replicate 1 sample type bean 16
Stinky beans spontaneous fermentation sampling time 15 replicate 1 sample type bean 27
suero costeño cheese (Columbia) 32
Sufu - Formented tofu 192
Surstromming - Fermented Herring (Sweden) 164
Swiss cheese(USA) 28
Swiss type cheese 27
Swiss-Dutch-type cheese 675
Table olives ready for consumption 90 d 81
Teff dough fermented 155
Tej, Ethiopia 138
tomato sour soup metagenome 257
Tonton, Uganda 80
traditional kefir 19
Trentingrana Cheese (Italy) 153
Tuba fermented drink(Filipino) 41
Wara, Nigeria 102
wild boar sausage 17
yoghurt fermentation 556
young radish kimchi 29

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