Examine the impact of stuff on your microbiome

This page purpose is to see estimate the net impact of various probiotics, foods, supplements and drugs on your microbiome. The following are documented modifiers of the micronbiome/ gut bacteria in our database. Click on one to see which bacterias are changed by each item.

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b (probiotics)
b adolescentis,(probiotics)
Bifidobacterium longum animalis
b animalis lactis (probiotics)
b bifidum (probiotics)
b breve (probiotic)
b catenulatum,(probiotics)
b infantis,(probiotics)
b lactis bb12 (probiotics)
b lactis,streptococcus thermophilus probiotic
b longum (probiotics)
b longum bb536 (probiotics)
b longum,lactobacillus helveticus (probiotics)
b pseudocatenulatum li09,b catenulatum li10 (probiotics)
b pseudocatenulatum,(probiotics)

International Drug Names are from Drugs.Com and Wikipedia.com
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