The Dominant (High) Bacteria for Symptoms

The following are identified as likely candidates for the symptoms seen. Symptoms are not caused by a single bacteria. Often they are caused by a combination of bacteria over or under producing a chemical.


The bacteria below are at significantly high levels in terms of both count and percentile compared to others. Only bacteria seen in at least 5% of samples are shown

Bacteria Name Reoccurance/Count Percentage
Blautia [genus] 105 12%
Phocaeicola dorei [species] 90 10.3%
Bacteroides [genus] 88 10.1%
Bacteroides uniformis [species] 84 9.6%
Phocaeicola vulgatus [species] 78 8.9%
Roseburia [genus] 77 8.8%
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii [species] 76 8.7%
Phocaeicola [genus] 73 8.4%
Ruminococcus [genus] 71 8.1%
Faecalibacterium [genus] 64 7.3%
Parabacteroides [genus] 63 7.2%
Blautia wexlerae [species] 57 6.5%
Bacteroides stercoris [species] 52 6%
Akkermansia [genus] 51 5.8%
Alistipes [genus] 47 5.4%
Akkermansia muciniphila [species] 45 5.2%
Lachnospira [genus] 45 5.2%

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