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Species in / L. Brevis Probiotic Powder

  1. lactobacillus brevis

Infer Impacts / L. Brevis Probiotic Powder on Symptoms


Not sufficient information to infer impact

Bacteria Impacts of / L. Brevis Probiotic Powder

If you find any studies of this specific probiotic impacting other bacteria, please email ken/at/ with the URI

Genus Level Only Listed
BacteriaIncrease %Decrease %
Alloprevotella 50 50
Bifidobacterium 100 0
Clostridium 0 100
Massiliprevotella 0 100
Metaprevotella 0 100
Paraprevotella 0 100
Prevotella 0 100
Prevotellamassilia 0 100
Streptococcus 0 100

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