Selecting a probiotic depends on the actual bacteria you have

Different people with the same diagnosis will have often very different bacteria mixtures. Asking for the best "IBS" or "CFS" probiotics on groups often results in a waste of money and sometimes worst symptoms.

When you click suggestions, the middle of the suggestion page will show something like below. Click on a probiotic for more information.

As always, the choices should be reviewed for risk with your medical profile by a knowledgable medical professional before starting. Some Lactobacillus have resulted in death.

  1. Best Solution - 16s reports that are downloadable.
    See this page statistics on depth of reporting. Some labs only report 4% of the count of other labs --
  2. Tradition Medical Gut Bacteria Reports - the more bacteria the better
  3. Working off you diagnosised conditions
    This works on general patterns of bacteria reported in various studies. It is the least precise.

This is an Academic site. It generates theoretical models of what may benefit a specific microbiome results.

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