Dosages for Vitamin B-12

Methylcobalamin, Adenosylcobalamin, Cyanocobalamin, Hydroxocobalamin, (acifol-b12, adwinerve, adwinerve plus, a-lennon-vitamin b12, alfafer + vit. b12, amos ferrum + vit. b12, anivitb12, arcored, b 12-rotexmedica, b12 ankermann, b12-tropfen ankermann, b.v.p. copper with vitamin b12, b-12, b12 2000, b12 2000 plus selenium, b12 depot adco, b12 sr sina, b12-asmedic, b12-kobalamin, b12-steigerwald, b12-vitamin, bedodeka, bedovit, behepan, beto 12, beto-12, betolvex, betolvidon, bitamina, b-phos, calpro, catosal, catosal 10%, cianocobalamina, cianocobalamina biosano, cianocobalamina disfarmed, cianocobalamina sanderson, cianokobalaminas sanitas, cianokobalamino bakteriniai, cianokobalamino ep, cidolvex, cobalum 0.02%, cobalvex b12, cobamin ophth soln, coblamin-b12, coforta, comceb, cophos b, creliverol-12, cristadoce, cromatonbic b12, cromatonbic ferro, cronobe, cyancobalamin biopharm, cyancobalamin-darnitsa, cyanocobalamin, cyanocobalamin biostimulator, cyanocobalamin cytex, cyanocobalamin nang kuang, cyanocobalamin panbiotic, cyanocobalamin rup, cyanocobalamin veterans, cyanocobalamine cf, cyanocobalamine renaudin, cyanocobalamine siu guan, cyanokit, cyfol, cynomin-h, cynovit, cyproterone acetate, cytacon, cytamen, deltavit, depofort b12, depolvix b12, depovit b12, dextran plus, dobetin, dodex, dodicile, douzabin, duoject-b, emicobal, eparmefolin, fab-12, fer dextran b12 franvet, ferdelta b12, feron 20 + b12, ferrifer forte, fhb-12, folgamma, folgamma forte, foli doce, folic acid vitamin b12 injection, folliber, ftol-12, gavindo, genesis with b12 and selenium, hi-vite folic acid and vitamin b12, hy-b12, hydrovit, intravit 12, intravit b12, ironject, isopto b12, izobidodici, jaba b12, larbol, longavit b12, macrofol vitamin b12 folic acid, mb 12, mecola, microvit b12, milgamma, ms super forte + vit. b12, nascobal, neobefol, neoiodarsolo, neurobene, neurobion, neurobion forte, neurorubin, novirell b12, optovite b12, oravit b12 sr, orofer, permadoze, permadoze oral, pharcoba 0.02%, pharmaniaga cyanocobalamin, pigdex 100 plus vitamin b12, prevan 200 + b12, pronerv, rapid b-12 energy, reedvit, reticulogen, rubivamin, sancoba, sancoba 0.02%, shi er xin, shot b, sl, softear 0.02%, suidestran, tensionorm, tonocian, tonogen, trineurin, triobe, trofalgon, twelve resin-k, vit b1 b12 lafedar, vitacobal 0.02%, vitamin b 12 lichtenstein, vitamin b 12 wiedemann, vitamin b12 amino, vitamin b12 jenapharm, vitamin b12-injektopas, vitamin b12 richter, vitamin b12-ratiopharm, vitamin b12-ratiopharm n, vitamin b12, vitamin b12 alkaloid, vitamin b12 atlantic, vitamin b12 biopolus, vitamin b12 ceva, vitamin b12 chi sheng, vitamin b12 cobalamin complex, vitamin b12 cyanocobalamin agvantage, vitamin b12 forte-hevert, vitamin b12 freeda, vitamin b12 general drugs house, vitamin b12 ipi, vitamin b12 johnson, vitamin b12 kimia farma, vitamin b12 kobayashi, vitamin b12 kobayashi kako, vitamin b12 leciva, vitamin b12 li ta, vitamin b12 mita, vitamin b12 prince, vitamin b12 rotexmedica, vitamin b12 sandoz, vitamin b12 sanum, vitamin b12 sunward, vitamin b12 troy, vitamin b12 value plus, vitamin b12-hevert + folsäure-hevert, vitamin b12-loges, vitamina b12 ecar, vitamina b12 bussié, vitamina b12 g.m., vitamina b12 zentiva, vitamin-b12-ratiopharm, vitamin-b12-ratiopharm n, vitamine b12, vitamine b12 aguettant, vitamine b12 chauvin, vitamine b12 delagrange, vitamine b12 gerda, vitamine b12 horus pharma, vitamine b12 lavoisier, vitamine b12 nichi-iko, vitamine b12 sopharma, vitamine b12 sterop, vitamine b12 théa 0.05%, vitamine b12 vétoquinol, vitaminum b12 wzf, vitarubin superconc., vitbee, vitbee 250, 0.025% w/v, vivopal, wei ke da, yen san, yu hai xiang, nuroplex)

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The dosages below are from completed studies on humans or on clinical trials on humans. In general, they represent safe dosages for most people. Please be aware that there is often an exponentail effectiveness. Talking half the dosage may only see 1/4 of the effect. We are not looking at minimum effective dosage, but maximum [safe] dosage used in clinical trials and studies.

If a study has been completed, the dosage will be marked Ineffective or Effective -- depending if statistically changes were reported by the study.

This is not medical advice (see your MD for that). It is a reporting on dosages that some MDs have used.
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Suggestions for Vitamin B-12
Study Clinical Study Dosage Effective
. Evaluate the Neuroprotective Effect of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 Against Vincristine Induced Neurotoxicity in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Patients 500   mcg/day
. Oral Cyanocobalamin (Eligen B12) Bioavailability Study 10   mg/day
. Oral Vitamin B12 Administration for Vitamin B12 Deficiency After Total Gastrectomy 1.5   mg/day
. Effect of Vitamin B12 Supplementation on Glycaemic Control in Uncontrolled Hyperhomocysteinemic Type 2 Diabetic Patients 0.5   mg/day

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