Dosages for vitamin d

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The dosages below are from completed studies on humans or on clinical trials on humans. In general, they represent safe dosages for most people. Please be aware that there is often an exponentail effectiveness. Talking half the dosage may only see 1/4 of the effect. We are not looking at minimum effective dosage, but maximum [safe] dosage used in clinical trials and studies.

If a study has been completed, the dosage will be marked Ineffective or Effective -- depending if statistically changes were reported by the study.

This is not medical advice (see your MD for that). It is a reporting on dosages that some MDs have used.

Suggestions for vitamin d
Study Clinical Study Dosage Effective
. The Efficacy and the Safety of Vitamin D3 30,000 IU for Loading Dose Schedules 30000   UI per week
📚 Study . 1500   daily Effective
📚 Study . 540000   UI single dose Ineffective
. Treatment of Vitamin D Insufficiency 50000   UI daily
. COvid-19 and Vitamin D Supplementation: a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial of High Dose Versus Standard Dose Vitamin D3 in High-risk COVID-19 Patients (CoVitTrial) 200000   UI single dose
. Short Term, High Dose Vitamin D Supplementation for COVID-19 (SHADE) 60000   UI daily
. Vitamin D3 Supplementation for Heart Failure Patients 10000   UI daily

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