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Sjögren syndrome    Fecal Microbiota Alterations and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth in Functional Abdominal Bloating/Distention.
Journal of neurogastroenterology and motility (J Neurogastroenterol Motil ) Vol: 26 Issue 4 Pages: 539-549
Pub: 2020 Sep 30 Epub: Authors Noh CK , Lee KJ ,
Sjögren syndrome    [Characteristics of intestinal flora in patients with primary Sjögren syndrome].
Nan fang yi ke da xue xue bao = Journal of Southern Medical University (Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao ) Vol: 40 Issue 7 Pages: 949-957
Pub: 2020 Jul 30 Epub: Authors Wang X , Wang J , Guo W , Zhou Y , Sun C , Li Z , Chen L , Pan X ,
Sjögren syndrome    Gut microbial dysbiosis in individuals with Sjögren`s syndrome.
Microbial cell factories (Microb Cell Fact ) Vol: 19 Issue 1 Pages: 90
Pub: 2020 Apr 15 Epub: 2020 Apr 15 Authors Mendez R , Watane A , Farhangi M , Cavuoto KM , Leith T , Budree S , Galor A , Banerjee S ,
Sjögren syndrome    Gut dysbiosis is prevailing in Sjögren`s syndrome and is related to dry eye severity.
PloS one (PLoS One ) Vol: 15 Issue 2 Pages: e0229029
Pub: 2020 Epub: 2020 Feb 14 Authors Moon J , Choi SH , Yoon CH , Kim MK ,
Sjögren syndrome    Severe intestinal dysbiosis is prevalent in primary Sjögren`s syndrome and is associated with systemic disease activity.
Arthritis research & therapy (Arthritis Res Ther ) Vol: 19 Issue 1 Pages: 237
Pub: 2017 Oct 24 Epub: 2017 Oct 24 Authors Mandl T , Marsal J , Olsson P , Ohlsson B , Andréasson K ,

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