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Crohn`s Disease    The relationship between the commensal microbiota levels and Crohn`s disease activity.
JGH open : an open access journal of gastroenterology and hepatology (JGH Open ) Vol: 4 Issue 5 Pages: 784-789
Pub: 2020 Oct Epub: 2020 May 1 Authors de Alencar Junior H , Paiotti APR , de Araújo Filho HB , Oshima CTF , Miszputen SJ , Ambrogini-Júnior O ,
Crohn`s Disease    Identification of Prevotella Oralis as a possible target antigen in children with Enthesitis related arthritis.
Clinical immunology (Orlando, Fla.) (Clin Immunol ) Vol: 216 Issue Pages: 108463
Pub: 2020 Jul Epub: 2020 May 11 Authors Stoll ML , Duck LW , Chang MH , Colbert RA , Nigrovic PA , Thompson SD , Elson CO ,
Crohn`s Disease    Ruminococcus gnavus, a member of the human gut microbiome associated with Crohn`s disease, produces an inflammatory polysaccharide.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A ) Vol: 116 Issue 26 Pages: 12672-12677
Pub: 2019 Jun 25 Epub: 2019 Jun 10 Authors Henke MT , Kenny DJ , Cassilly CD , Vlamakis H , Xavier RJ , Clardy J ,
Crohn`s Disease    A Metagenomic Meta-analysis Reveals Functional Signatures of Health and Disease in the Human Gut Microbiome.
mSystems (mSystems ) Vol: 4 Issue 4 Pages:
Pub: 2019 Jul-Aug Epub: 2019 May 14 Authors Armour CR , Nayfach S , Pollard KS , Sharpton TJ ,
Crohn`s Disease    The Human Mesenteric Lymph Node Microbiome Differentiates Between Crohn`s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.
Journal of Crohn`s & colitis (J Crohns Colitis ) Vol: 13 Issue 1 Pages: 58-66
Pub: 2019 Jan 1 Epub: Authors Kiernan MG , Coffey JC , McDermott K , Cotter PD , Cabrera-Rubio R , Kiely PA , Dunne CP ,

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