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Epilepsy    Gut Bacterial Dysbiosis in Children with Intractable Epilepsy.
Journal of clinical medicine (J Clin Med ) Vol: 10 Issue 1 Pages:
Pub: 2020 Dec 22 Epub: 2020 Dec 22 Authors Lee K , Kim N , Shim JO , Kim GH ,
Epilepsy    The Gut Microbiota Mediates the Anti-Seizure Effects of the Ketogenic Diet.
Cell (Cell ) Vol: 173 Issue 7 Pages: 1728-1741.e13
Pub: 2018 Jun 14 Epub: 2018 May 24 Authors Olson CA , Vuong HE , Yano JM , Liang QY , Nusbaum DJ , Hsiao EY ,
Epilepsy    Ketogenic diet poses a significant effect on imbalanced gut microbiota in infants with refractory epilepsy.
World journal of gastroenterology (World J Gastroenterol ) Vol: 23 Issue 33 Pages: 6164-6171
Pub: 2017 Sep 7 Epub: Authors Xie G , Zhou Q , Qiu CZ , Dai WK , Wang HP , Li YH , Liao JX , Lu XG , Lin SF , Ye JH , Ma ZY , Wang WJ ,
Epilepsy    Altered gut microbiome composition in children with refractory epilepsy after ketogenic diet.
Epilepsy research (Epilepsy Res ) Vol: 145 Issue Pages: 163-168
Pub: 2018 Sep Epub: 2018 Jun 28 Authors Zhang Y , Zhou S , Zhou Y , Yu L , Zhang L , Wang Y ,
Epilepsy    Altered composition of the gut microbiome in patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.
Epilepsy research (Epilepsy Res ) Vol: 147 Issue Pages: 102-107
Pub: 2018 Nov Epub: 2018 Sep 24 Authors Peng A , Qiu X , Lai W , Li W , Zhang L , Zhu X , He S , Duan J , Chen L ,

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