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hypertension (High Blood Pressure    Changes in the Gut Microbiota are Associated with Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Japanese Subjects.
Nutrients (Nutrients ) Vol: 12 Issue 10 Pages:
Pub: 2020 Sep 30 Epub: 2020 Sep 30 Authors Takagi T , Naito Y , Kashiwagi S , Uchiyama K , Mizushima K , Kamada K , Ishikawa T , Inoue R , Okuda K , Tsujimoto Y , Ohnogi H , Itoh Y ,
hypertension (High Blood Pressure    Human genetic determinants of the gut microbiome and their associations with health and disease: a phenome-wide association study.
Scientific reports (Sci Rep ) Vol: 10 Issue 1 Pages: 14771
Pub: 2020 Sep 8 Epub: 2020 Sep 8 Authors Groot HE , van de Vegte YJ , Verweij N , Lipsic E , Karper JC , van der Harst P ,
hypertension (High Blood Pressure    Exercise and food supplement of vitamin C ameliorate hypertension through improvement of gut microflora in the spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Life sciences (Life Sci ) Vol: 269 Issue Pages: 119097
Pub: 2021 Mar 15 Epub: 2021 Jan 19 Authors Li Y , Zafar S , Salih Ibrahim RM , Chi HL , Xiao T , Xia WJ , Li HB , Kang YM ,
hypertension (High Blood Pressure    Enterococcus faecalis contributes to hypertension and renal injury in Sprague-Dawley rats by disturbing lipid metabolism.
Journal of hypertension (J Hypertens ) Vol: 39 Issue 6 Pages: 1112-1124
Pub: 2021 Jun 1 Epub: Authors Zhu Y , Liu Y , Wu C , Li H , Du H , Yu H , Huang C , Chen Y , Wang W , Zhu Q , Wang L ,

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