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Parkinson`s Disease    Desulfovibrio Bacteria Are Associated With Parkinson`s Disease.
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology (Front Cell Infect Microbiol ) Vol: 11 Issue Pages: 652617
Pub: 2021 Epub: 2021 May 3 Authors Murros KE , Huynh VA , Takala TM , Saris PEJ ,
Parkinson`s Disease    Association of Parkinson`s Disease With Microbes and Microbiological Therapy.
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology (Front Cell Infect Microbiol ) Vol: 11 Issue Pages: 619354
Pub: 2021 Epub: 2021 Mar 8 Authors Chen ZJ , Liang CY , Yang LQ , Ren SM , Xia YM , Cui L , Li XF , Gao BL ,
Parkinson`s Disease    Meta-analysis of the Parkinson`s disease gut microbiome suggests alterations linked to intestinal inflammation.
NPJ Parkinson`s disease (NPJ Parkinsons Dis ) Vol: 7 Issue 1 Pages: 27
Pub: 2021 Mar 10 Epub: 2021 Mar 10 Authors Romano S , Savva GM , Bedarf JR , Charles IG , Hildebrand F , Narbad A ,
Parkinson`s Disease    Clinical Phenotypes of Parkinson`s Disease Associate with Distinct Gut Microbiota and Metabolome Enterotypes.
Biomolecules (Biomolecules ) Vol: 11 Issue 2 Pages:
Pub: 2021 Jan 22 Epub: 2021 Jan 22 Authors Vascellari S , Melis M , Palmas V , Pisanu S , Serra A , Perra D , Santoru ML , Oppo V , Cusano R , Uva P , Atzori L , Morelli M , Cossu G , Manzin A ,
Parkinson`s Disease    The Association Between the Gut Microbiota and Parkinson`s Disease, a Meta-Analysis.
Frontiers in aging neuroscience (Front Aging Neurosci ) Vol: 13 Issue Pages: 636545
Pub: 2021 Epub: 2021 Feb 12 Authors Shen T , Yue Y , He T , Huang C , Qu B , Lv W , Lai HY ,

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