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Shift indicates general condition only. There is a range that it must fall into to be a match which may not at extremes.

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Note: The automatic checking (##) has been made more restrictive and picks only highs and lows that are Very Strong or strong, and exclude middle peaks. # indicate the next level of suggested bacteria to include.

Calculations changed on Nov 10, 2021 -- see details here

Bacteria Rank Shift z-score
Campylobacter genus Low 3.06
Porphyromonas genus Low 4.01
Megasphaera genus Low 3.4
Bacteroidota phylum Low 2.66
Bacillales order Low -2.7
Blautia coccoides species Low -3.52
Archaea superkingdom Low -2.81
Euryarchaeota phylum Low -2.91
Clostridiaceae family Low -2.59
Fusobacteria phylum Low 3.64
Granulicatella adiacens species Low 3.74
Anaerofilum genus Low -2.79
Anaerococcus octavius species Low 2.89
Bacteroidetes/Chlorobi group superphylum Low 2.68
delta/epsilon subdivisions subphylum Low 2.85
Campylobacteraceae family Low 3.01
Campylobacter hominis species Low 4.92
Corynebacteriales order Low 2.68
Thermicanus genus Low -10.04
Anaerococcus genus Low 2.81
Bacteroidales order Low 2.73
Victivallis genus Low -4.46
Bacteroidia class Low 2.71
Fusobacteria class Low 3.65
Fusobacteriales order Low 3.65
Victivallaceae family Low -4.16
Lentisphaerae phylum Low -4.1
Victivallales order Low -4.22
Bacteroides coprocola species Low 2.72
[Clostridium] glycyrrhizinilyticum species Low -6.01
Bacteroides coprophilus species Low 3.32
Blautia wexlerae species Low 3.17
Moryella genus Low 3.02
Paraprevotella clara species Low 2.75
Alistipes sp. NML05A004 species Low -5.57
Bacillales incertae sedis family Low -4.02
Bacillales Family X. Incertae Sedis family Low -3.57
Anaerosporobacter genus Low 2.83
Blautia sp. YHC-4 species Low 3.42
Intestinimonas butyriciproducens species Low -3.36
Lentisphaeria class Low -4.25
Peptoclostridium genus Low -3.27
Terrabacteria group kingdom Low -2.63

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