Autonomic Manifestations: light-headedness Associated Bacteria

Shift indicates general condition only. There is a range that it must fall into to be a match which may not at extremes.

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Note: The automatic checking (##) has been made more restrictive and picks only highs and lows that are Very Strong or strong, and exclude middle peaks. # indicate the next level of suggested bacteria to include.

Calculations changed on Nov 10, 2021 -- see details here

Bacteria Rank Shift z-score
Escherichia genus Low -2.88
Xenorhabdus genus Low 2.82
Oxalobacter genus Low 3.25
Oxalobacter formigenes species Low 3.11
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii species Low -2.66
Oscillatoria genus Low -2.63
[Clostridium] cellulolyticum species Low 9.68
[Clostridium] innocuum species Low -4.99
Actinomyces viscosus species Low -2.87
Bifidobacterium genus Low -3.47
Eubacterium limosum species Low 4.18
Propionibacterium genus Low 2.99
Actinomycetales order Low 3.1
Actinomycetaceae family Low 3.19
Lachnospira multipara species Low 3.18
Prevotella buccalis species Low 3.26
Prevotella disiens species Low 3.64
Propionibacteriaceae family Low 3.89
Helcococcus genus Low 3.74
Moorella group genus Low 3.23
Serratia entomophila species Low -2.89
Moorella genus Low 2.88
Granulicatella adiacens species Low 3
Bifidobacterium boum species Low -3.04
Mogibacterium genus Low 3
Sporobacterium olearium species Low -2.92
Granulicatella genus Low 3.18
Geobacillus genus Low 4.66
Xanthomonadales order Low 2.71
Catenibacterium genus Low 2.63
Aerosphaera genus Low 3.26
Aerosphaera taetra species Low 3.26
Finegoldia genus Low 2.68
Varibaculum genus Low 3.82
Varibaculum cambriense species Low 2.78
Clostridia class Low -2.58
Peptostreptococcaceae family Low 2.93
Eubacteriaceae family Low -3.04
Lactobacillales incertae sedis family Low 3.26
Escherichia albertii species Low -4.75
chlorophenolicum Species Low 4.25
Chlorobaculum genus Low 2.71
Tepidimicrobium genus Low 5.33
Anaerolineae class Low 7.86
Bacteroides xylanisolvens species Low -2.75
Moryella genus Low 3.17
Prevotella maculosa species Low 2.87
Pseudoclavibacter soli species Low -5.59
Gracilimonas tropica species Low -3.32
Oscillibacter genus Low -2.65
Cerasicoccus genus Low 3.76
Peptoniphilus koenoeneniae species Low 4.42
Clostridiales incertae sedis family Low 3.08
Ruminococcaceae family Low -2.66
Clostridiales Family XIII. Incertae Sedis family Low 3.03
Streptococcus dentapri species Low 2.78
Actinopolysporales order Low -2.75
Gracilimonas genus Low -3.45
Selenomonadales order Low 3.11
Veillonella sp. MSA12 species Low -3.85
Eggerthella sp. E1 species Low 4.04
Blautia sp. YHC-4 species Low 2.86
Alloprevotella genus Low 3.18
Butyricimonas paravirosa species Low 2.83
Akkermansiaceae family Low 2.64
Hungatella genus Low -2.66
Terrabacteria group kingdom Low -2.68
Morganellaceae family Low 3.36

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