Autonomic: Graying or blacking out after standing Associated Bacteria

Shift indicates general condition only. There is a range that it must fall into to be a match which may not at extremes.

See Technical Note on Methodology

Note: The automatic checking (##) has been made more restrictive and picks only highs and lows that are Very Strong or strong, and exclude middle peaks. # indicate the next level of suggested bacteria to include.

Calculations changed on Nov 10, 2021 -- see details here

Bacteria Rank Shift z-score
Campylobacter genus Low 2.63
Enterobacteriaceae family Low 3.88
Kluyvera genus Low 4.46
Porphyromonas genus Low 3
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii species Low -2.93
Acidaminococcus genus Low 3.42
Gammaproteobacteria class Low 2.65
Finegoldia magna species Low 3.28
Staphylococcus genus Low 8.65
Atopobium genus Low 3.09
Bacillus genus Low 2.94
Actinomyces genus Low 3.15
Bifidobacterium genus Low -4.24
Corynebacterium genus Low 2.95
Propionibacterium genus Low 3.85
Actinomycetales order Low 2.8
Mobiluncus genus Low 2.62
Mobiluncus curtisii species Low 3.27
Peptococcus genus Low 4.64
Lachnospira genus Low -3.32
Prevotella bivia species Low 3.5
Prevotella buccalis species Low 8.88
Prevotella disiens species Low 3.17
Epsilonproteobacteria class Low 3.13
Bifidobacteriaceae family Low -3.36
Propionibacteriaceae family Low 8.13
Anaerococcus hydrogenalis species Low 3.5
Peptoniphilus lacrimalis species Low 10.96
Anaerococcus prevotii species Low 3.88
Lactobacillaceae family Low 2.81
Lactobacillus crispatus species Low 17.13
Anaerococcus octavius species Low 2.61
Kluyvera georgiana species Low 4.34
Verrucomicrobia phylum Low 2.69
Enterococcaceae family Low 2.92
Eggerthella genus Low 2.77
Bifidobacteriales order Low -3.44
Corynebacteriales order Low 2.7
Propionibacteriales order Low 3.23
Mogibacterium genus Low 2.8
Staphylococcaceae family Low 4.29
Enterobacterales order Low 3.1
Granulicatella genus Low 3.45
Lactobacillus iners species Low 2.78
Finegoldia genus Low 2.67
Peptoniphilus genus Low 2.76
Varibaculum genus Low 4
Clostridia class Low -2.76
Peptococcaceae family Low 3.36
Bacillaceae family Low 2.69
Campylobacterales order Low 2.91
Faecalibacterium genus Low -2.92
Anaerosporobacter mobilis species Low 3.98
Dialister propionicifaciens species Low 6.99
Dialister micraerophilus species Low 3.8
Anaerococcus murdochii species Low 3.18
Moryella genus Low 4.17
Adlercreutzia genus Low 2.65
Clostridiales incertae sedis family Low 3.74
Ruminococcaceae family Low -2.93
Clostridiales Family XIII. Incertae Sedis family Low 3.81
Anaerosporobacter genus Low 3.21
Peptoniphilus sp. 1-14 species Low 2.7
Selenomonadales order Low 3.04
Coprobacter fastidiosus species Low 2.71
Corynebacterium sp. jw37 species Low 5.18
Anaerococcus sp. S8 87-3 species Low 2.64
Finegoldia sp. S8 F7 species Low 4.98
Peptoniphilus sp. S9 PR-13 species Low 2.77
Staphylococcus sp. 3348O2 species Low 3.3
Chlamydiae/Verrucomicrobia group kingdom Low 2.72

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