DePaul University Fatigue Questionnaire : Unrefreshing Sleep, that is waking up feeling tired Associated Bacteria

Shift indicates general condition only. There is a range that it must fall into to be a match which may not at extremes.

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Note: The automatic checking (##) has been made more restrictive and picks only highs and lows that are Very Strong or strong, and exclude middle peaks. # indicate the next level of suggested bacteria to include.

Calculations changed on Nov 10, 2021 -- see details here

Bacteria Rank Shift z-score
Campylobacter concisus species Low 2.66
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae species Low -4
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron species Low -4.17
Desulfovibrio piger species Low -4.74
Megasphaera genus Low -4.62
Oscillatoriales order Low 3
Nostocales order Low -2.69
Streptococcaceae family Low -3.86
Streptococcus genus Low -3.44
Streptococcus sanguinis species Low -2.61
Streptococcus pneumoniae species Low 3.72
Blautia hansenii species Low -2.78
Streptococcus vestibularis species Low -2.78
Sporosarcina pasteurii species Low 2.67
Erysipelatoclostridium ramosum species Low -2.94
Sporosarcina genus Low 2.76
Lactobacillus genus Low -2.8
Lactobacillus plantarum species Low -2.64
Alloiococcus genus Low -3.2
Bifidobacterium genus Low -4.78
Eubacterium genus Low 3.71
Thermoanaerobacter genus Low 3.34
Halanaerobium genus Low -2.7
Acidovorax genus Low 3.24
Bifidobacterium animalis species Low -3.41
Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum species Low 2.84
Odoribacter splanchnicus species Low -3.1
Deltaproteobacteria class Low -2.83
Hydrogenovibrio genus Low -3.45
Peptoniphilus indolicus species Low -2.93
[Ruminococcus] torques species Low 2.98
[Clostridium] aerotolerans species Low -5.01
Sutterella genus Low -2.92
Brachybacterium genus Low -4.11
Catonella genus Low 4.27
Catonella morbi species Low 3.81
Pseudobutyrivibrio genus Low -5.99
Blautia hydrogenotrophica species Low 4.06
Chryseobacterium genus Low 2.86
Chroococcus genus Low 3.27
Collinsella aerofaciens species Low -3.14
Anaerovibrio genus Low 3.18
Anaerovibrio lipolyticus species Low 3.17
[Clostridium] methylpentosum species Low 3.15
Coriobacteriaceae family Low -3.36
Sphingobacteriaceae family Low -3.13
Coriobacteriia class Low -3.42
Coriobacteriales order Low -3.81
Orenia salinaria species Low -3.04
Dorea longicatena species Low -3.07
Blautia luti species Low -3.09
Natronincola genus Low -3.37
Coprobacillus genus Low -3.07
Collinsella genus Low -4.25
Alkaliphilus genus Low -2.85
Sphingobacteriia class Low -3.26
Bulleidia genus Low -4.56
Allobaculum stercoricanis species Low -2.62
Eubacteriaceae family Low 4.89
unclassified Clostridiales family Low -2.73
Planococcaceae family Low 2.62
Caloramator uzoniensis species Low 3.62
Desulfovibrionaceae family Low -3.48
Sphingobacteriales order Low -3.28
Actinobacteria phylum Low -2.67
Verrucomicrobiaceae family Low -3.26
Escherichia albertii species Low -3.05
chlorophenolicum Species Low 3.45
Desulfovibrionales order Low -3.72
Subdoligranulum variabile species Low -3.18
Sutterella stercoricanis species Low -4.42
Alistipes genus Low -2.71
Akkermansia genus Low -5.54
Anaerotruncus genus Low -4.2
Anaerospora genus Low 2.66
Anaerospora hongkongensis species Low 2.61
Chlorobaculum genus Low 2.6
Thiomicrospira thermophila species Low -3.75
Subdoligranulum genus Low -5.56
Roseburia faecis species Low -3.98
Herminiimonas genus Low -3.38
Barnesiella genus Low -2.67
Chroococcus minutus species Low 3.27
Saccharopolyspora cebuensis species Low -6.85
Veillonella rogosae species Low 2.59
Moryella genus Low -4.81
Adlercreutzia equolifaciens species Low -3.62
Bacteroides sp. 2_2_4 species Low -3.02
Gordonibacter pamelaeae species Low -3.02
Anaerotruncus sp. NML 070203 species Low -2.69
Fructobacillus genus Low -3.72
Chitinophagaceae family Low 3.06
Solirubrobacterales order Low -2.82
Collinsella tanakaei species Low -3.37
Phascolarctobacterium succinatutens species Low -2.69
Gordonibacter genus Low -2.78
Bacteroides sartorii species Low -2.9
Acidaminococcaceae family Low -3.09
Negativicutes class Low -3.43
Flavonifractor genus Low -3.38
Streptococcus orisasini species Low -3.08
Gordonibacter urolithinfaciens species Low -4.8
Eisenbergiella genus Low -2.68
Enorma genus Low -2.63
Oribacterium parvum species Low -3.01
Terrisporobacter genus Low -4.56
Intestinibacter genus Low -2.88
Erysipelatoclostridium genus Low -3.38
Ruminiclostridium genus Low 3.28
Desulfovibrio biadhensis species Low -2.59
Eggerthellales order Low -2.97
Eggerthellaceae family Low -3.03
Acidaminococcales order Low -3.07
Sporomusaceae family Low 3.62
Marseillibacter massiliensis species Low -3.18
Chitinophagia class Low 3.14
Chitinophagales order Low 3.14
Odoribacteraceae family Low -3.11
Pseudanabaenaceae family Low 2.71
Chroococcaceae family Low 3.25
Marseillibacter genus Low -7.47
Hungateiclostridiaceae family Low 4.43

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