Neurological-Sleep: Vivid Dreams/Nightmares Associated Bacteria

Shift indicates general condition only. There is a range that it must fall into to be a match which may not at extremes.

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Note: The automatic checking (##) has been made more restrictive and picks only highs and lows that are Very Strong or strong, and exclude middle peaks. # indicate the next level of suggested bacteria to include.

Calculations changed on Nov 10, 2021 -- see details here

Bacteria Rank Shift z-score
Rhizobiales order Low 3.34
Ruminococcus albus species Low 3.45
Clostridium perfringens species Low 6.6
Lactobacillus gasseri species Low 2.62
Lactobacillus fermentum species Low -3.02
Bifidobacterium genus Low -6.01
Rhodobacteraceae family Low 3.23
Candidatus Phytoplasma genus Low 3.79
Clostridium maximum species Low 2.72
Moorella group genus Low 2.66
Moorella genus Low 3.02
Pseudobutyrivibrio genus Low 2.96
Parabacteroides merdae species Low 4.33
Candidatus Phytoplasma prunorum Seemuller and Schneider 2004 species Low 3.18
Verrucomicrobia phylum Low 2.63
Bifidobacterium boum species Low -3.38
Anaerovibrio genus Low 4.17
Anaerovibrio lipolyticus species Low 4.14
Eggerthella genus Low 2.79
Eggerthella lenta species Low 3.25
Actinobacteridae subclass Low -3
16SrX (Apple proliferation group) species group Low 3.18
Symbiobacterium toebii Rhee et al. 2002 species Low 6.37
Alkaliphilus crotonatoxidans species Low 3.79
unclassified Clostridiales family Low 2.74
Planifilum fimeticola species Low 2.61
Escherichia albertii species Low -2.85
Syntrophobacterales order Low 2.97
Eggerthella sinensis species Low 4.22
Bacteroides sp. 35AE37 species Low 2.6
Acholeplasma hippikon species Low 4.05
Odoribacter genus Low 2.63
Anaerolineae class Low 4.36
Prevotella multisaccharivorax species Low 8.59
Planifilum genus Low 2.7
Prevotella maculosa species Low 3.39
Adlercreutzia equolifaciens species Low 3.46
Adlercreutzia genus Low 3.1
Pseudoclavibacter soli species Low -6.75
Paraprevotella clara species Low 2.91
Gordonibacter pamelaeae species Low 3.09
Clostridiales incertae sedis family Low 2.98
Clostridiales Family XIII. Incertae Sedis family Low 3.24
Symbiobacteriaceae family Low 3.95
Butyricimonas virosa species Low 2.97
Luteibacter anthropi species Low 3.65
Butyricimonas genus Low 4.13
Paraprevotella genus Low 3.49
Hydrogenoanaerobacterium genus Low -2.78
Lactobacillus casei group species Low -2.71
Streptococcus anginosus group species Low 2.86
Caloramator mitchellensis species Low 2.97
Anaerococcus provenciensis species Low 2.74
Blautia sp. YHC-4 species Low 2.87
Megasphaera massiliensis species Low 5.65
Eggerthellales order Low 3.43
Eggerthellaceae family Low 3.44
Akkermansiaceae family Low 2.85
Paraburkholderia genus Low 3.4
Odoribacteraceae family Low 4.45
Synechococcaceae family Low 3.48
Pseudanabaenaceae family Low 4.08
Hafniaceae family Low 7.16

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