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I have funded this site and associated blogs out of my own pocket for over 5 years. I do not intend to make it a for-profit site, I prefer it not to become a for-poverty site.

As I add new features, I am putting the new features behind a paywall while giving a free access to all users of the older features.

The occasional user will get what they need free that way, and long time/heavy user can contribute to the cost of providing the service.

New verified users are automatically given a time-limited free Premium subscription so you can determine if the site provides sufficient value to you.

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A person using this site will have one of the following access/feature levels

  • Anonymous - They can look up basic data.
  • Legacy - Login with the original mechanism (name/test id). This is weak security, but since it does not require an email -- some people prefers it to insure a high degree of privacy. They do not have access to advance features
  • Verified - Login is only via a link that is emailed to them. This is more secure and recommended. All of the pre-2020 features are available for free
  • Premium - Requires the user to be verified. New users are automatically granted a premium trial.
    Premium has new reports and analysis that is not available to Legacy or Verified. Features that are premium are shown with either
    • โœ… - Unlocked/Available
    • ๐Ÿ” - Locked/No access
  • Professional - In development, All of the premium features and ability to group by patients (Email me if interested)

For more information on what access each use get, see this page

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For 2021, if anyone makes a donation (of any amount), you will get their premium status extended by a year. If you can't afford it, no problem -- see below

  • Free premimum for one year will be granted to anyone that emails, state they do not have any funds to donate, and request it.
    I will not deny help to the unfortunate. Email:
  • Donation by PayPal (see above). Make sure you include your email with the donation so I know which account to extend. Alternatively, email me right after the donation
  • Donation by Amazon Gift Card (Email:; Site (US) Currency: US$)

I have put in a massive number of hours on the sites and data entry. I am a professional developer and data scientist with a day job.
I have forgone significant income from side-gigs to do this project for the common good.

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This is an Academic site. It generates theoretical models of what may benefit a specific microbiome results.

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