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Note: Many of these were created from versions of reports forwarded by users from several years ago. If several bacteria are missing, please forward a copy of the report to Ken[at]lassesen.com so we may update.

We use a subjective scale and leave the reader to translate the lab reports appropriately. If the bacteria are identified as bad/pathogenic and you are low, then do not enter them.

BacteriaReported LevelAlso Known asComment
Akkermansia muciniphila [species] | Akkermansia muciniphila| Akkermansia muciniphila Derrien et al. 2004 emend. Hahnke et al. 2016| Akkermansia sp. YL44| ATCC BAA-835| CIP 107961| strain Muc
Bacillus [genus] | Bacillus| Bacillus Cohn 1872| Bacillus rRNA group 1 Pathogen
Bacteroides fragilis [species] | "Bacteroides inaequalis" Eggerth and Gagnon 1933| "Bacteroides incommunis" Eggerth and Gagnon 1933| "Bacteroides uncatus" Eggerth and Gagnon 1933| "Fusiformis fragilis" Topley and Wilson 1929| "Pseudobacterium fragilis" Krasil'nikov 1949| "Pseudobacterium inaequalis" (Eggerth and Gagnon 1933) Krasil'nikov 1949| "Pseudobacterium incommunis" (Eggerth and Gagnon 1933) Krasil'nikov 1949| "Pseudobacterium uncatum" (Eggerth and Gagnon 1933) Krasil'nikov 1949| "Ristella fragilis" Prevot 1938| "Ristella incommunis" (Eggerth and Gagnon 1933) Prevot 1938| "Ristella uncata" (Eggerth and Gagnon 1933) Prevot 1938| "Sphaerophorus inaequalis" (Eggerth and Gagnon 1933) Prevot 1938| "Sphaerophorus intermedius" Bergan and Hovig 1968| ATCC 25285| Bacillus fragilis| Bacillus fragilis Veillon and Zuber 1898| Bacteroides fragilis| Bacteroides fragilis (Veillon and Zuber 1898) Castellani and Chalmers 1919 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Hahnke et al. 2016| Bacteroides inaequalis| Bacteroides incommunis| Bacteroides sp. 2_1_16| Bacteroides sp. 2_1_56FAA| Bacteroides uncatus| CCUG 4856| CIP 77.16| DSM 2151| Fusiformis fragilis| JCM 11019| LMG 10263| LMG:10263| NCTC 9343| Pseudobacterium fragilis| Pseudobacterium inaequalis| Pseudobacterium incommunis| Pseudobacterium uncatum| Ristella fragilis| Ristella incommunis| Ristella uncata| Sphaerophorus inaequalis| Sphaerophorus intermedius H02076 Bacteroides infection
Bacteroidetes [phylum] | Bacteroidaeota| Bacteroidaeota Oren et al. 2015| Bacteroides-Cytophaga-Flexibacter group| Bacteroidetes| Bacteroidetes Krieg et al. 2012| Bacteroidota| BCF group| CFB group| CFB group bacteria| Cytophaga-Flexibacter-Bacteroides phylum
Bifidobacterium [genus] | "Bifidibacterium" Prevot 1938| "Tissieria" Pribram 1929| Bifidibacterium| Bifidobacterium| Bifidobacterium Orla-Jensen 1924| Tissieria
Campylobacter [genus] | Campylobacter| Campylobacter Sebald and Veron 1963 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Tanner et al. 1981| Campylobacter Sebald and Veron 1963 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Vandamme et al. 1991| Campylobacter Sebald and Veron 1963 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Vandamme et al. 2010 Pathogen
Citrobacter freundii [species] | "Bacterium freundii" Braak 1928| "Escherichia freundii" (Braak 1928) Yale 1939| "Salmonella ballerup" Kauffmann and Mller 1940| "Salmonella hormaechei" Monteverde 1944| ATCC 8090| Bacterium freundii| CCUG 418| CIP 57.32| Citrobacter ballerupensis| Citrobacter freundii| Citrobacter freundii (Braak 1928) Werkman and Gillen 1932| Citrobacter sp. HPC1276| Citrobacter sp. KDS 3| DSM 30039| Escherichia freundii| HAMBI 1695| IFO 12681| JCM 1657| LMG 3246| LMG:3246| NBRC 12681| NCAIM B.01468| NCTC 9750| NRRL B-2643| Salmonella ballerup| Salmonella hormaechei| the Ballerup group of bacteria| the Bethesda group of bacteria
Clostridia [class] | Clostridia| Clostridia Rainey 2010
Clostridium difficile [species] | "Bacillus difficilis" Hall and O'Toole 1935| "Peptoclostridium difficile" Yutin and Galperin 2013| AS 1.2184| ATCC 9689| Bacillus difficilis| BCRC 10642| CCRC 10642| CCRC:10642| CCUG 4938| CIP 104282| Clostridioides difficile| Clostridioides difficile (Hall and O'Toole 1935) Lawson et al. 2016| Clostridium difficile| Clostridium difficile (Hall and O'Toole 1935) Prevot 1938 (Approved Lists 1980)| Clostridium difficle| Clostridium sp. HMSC19D05| DSM 1296| DSMZ 1296| JCM 1296| LMG 15861| LMG:15861| NCIMB 10666| NCTC 11209| Peptoclostridium difficile Colitis
Cryptosporidium [genus]
Enterobacter [genus] | "Aerobacter" Hormaeche and Edwards 1958| "Cloaca" Castellani and Chalmers 1919| Cloaca| Enterobacter| Enterobacter Hormaeche and Edwards 1960 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Brady et al. 2013 Urinary and respiratory infections
Enterococcus [genus] | "Enterococcus" Thiercelin and Jouhaud 1903| Enterococcus| Enterococcus (ex Thiercelin and Jouhaud 1903) Schleifer and Kilpper-Balz 1984
Enterococcus faecalis [species] | "Enterococcus proteiformis" Thiercelin and Jouhaud 1903| "Enterocoque" Thiercelin 1902| "Micrococcus ovalis" Escherich 1886| "Micrococcus zymogenes" MacCallum and Hastings 1899| "Streptococcus glycerinaceus" Orla-Jensen 1919| "Streptococcus liquefaciens" Sternberg 1892| ATCC 19433| ATCC 19433-U| CCUG 19916| CIP 103015| DSM 20478| Enterococcus faecalis| Enterococcus faecalis (Andrewes and Horder 1906) Schleifer and Kilpper-Balz 1984| Enterococcus proteiformis| Enterococcus sp. 7L76| Enterococcus sp. KB1| Enterocoque| HAMBI 1711| JCM 5803| JCM 8726| LMG 7937| LMG:7937| Micrococcus ovalis| Micrococcus zymogenes| NBRC 100480| NBRC 100481| NCAIM B.01312| NCDO 581| NCIMB 775| NCTC 775| Streptococcus faecalis| Streptococcus faecalis Andrewes and Horder 1906 (Approved Lists 1980)| Streptococcus glycerinaceus| Streptococcus liquefaciens Endocarditis, septicemia, urinary tract infections, meningitis
Enterococcus faecium [species] | ATCC 19434| CCUG 542| CFBP 4248| CIP 103014| DSM 20477| Enterococcus faecium| Enterococcus faecium (Orla-Jensen 1919) Schleifer and Kilpper-Balz 1984| HAMBI 1710| JCM 5804| JCM 8727| LMG 11423| LMG:11423| NBRC 100485| NBRC 100486| NCDO 942| NCIMB 11508| NCTC 7171| Streptococcus faecium| Streptococcus faecium Orla-Jensen 1919 (Approved Lists 1980) Pathogen
Escherichia [genus] | Escherichia| Escherichia Castellani and Chalmers 1919
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii [species] | "Bacillus mucosus anaerobius" Prausnitz 1922| "Bacteroides praussnitzii" (sic) Hauduroy et al. 1937| ATCC 27768| Bacillus mucosus anaerobius| Bacteroides praussnitzii| butyrate-producing bacterium A2-165| Faecalibacterium prausnitzii| Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (Hauduroy et al. 1937) Duncan et al. 2002| Fusobacterium prausnitzii| Fusobacterium prausnitzii (Hauduroy et al. 1937) Moore and Holdeman 1970 (Approved Lists 1980)| NCIMB 13872
Firmicutes [phylum] | Bacillaeota| Bacillaeota Oren et al. 2015| Bacillota| Bacillus/Clostridium group| clostridial firmicutes| Clostridium group firmicutes| Firmacutes| Firmicutes| Firmicutes corrig. Gibbons and Murray 1978| Low G+C firmicutes| low G+C Gram-positive bacteria| low GC Gram+
Fusobacterium [genus] | Fusibacterium| Fusobacterium| Fusobacterium Knorr 1922 Periodontal disease, Lemierre syndrome, skin ulcers
Helicobacter pylori [species] | ATCC 43504| ATCC 49396 [[Helicobacter nemestrinae Bronsdon et al. 1991]]| Campylobacter pylori| Campylobacter pylori corrig. Marshall et al. 1985 emend. Fox et al. 1988| Campylobacter pylori corrig. Marshall et al. 1985 emend. Fox et al. 1989| Campylobacter pylori Marshall et al. 1985 corrig. Marshall and Goodwin 1987| Campylobacter pylori subsp. pylori| Campylobacter pylori subsp. pylori Marshall et al. 1985| Campylobacter pyloridis| Campylobacter pyloridis Marshall et al.1985| CCUG 15815 B| CCUG 17874| CCUG 39500| CIP 103995| DSM 21031| DSM 4867| DSM 7492 [[Helicobacter nemestrinae Bronsdon et al. 1991]]| Helicobacter nemestrinae| Helicobacter nemestrinae Bronsdon et al. 1991| Helicobacter pylori| Helicobacter pylori (Marshall et al. 1985) Goodwin et al. 1989| JCM 12093| LMG 18041| LMG 19449| LMG:18041| LMG:19449| NCTC 11637| NCTC 12491 [[Helicobacter nemestrinae Bronsdon et al. 1991]]| strain Royal Perth Hospital 13487| strain T81213-NTB [[Helicobacter nemestrinae Bronsdon et al. 1991]] Gastric ulcers
Klebsiella [genus] | "Donovania" Anderson et al. 1944| "Hyalococcus" Schroeter 1886| Calymmatobacterium| Calymmatobacterium Aragao and Vianna 1913| Donovania| Hyalococcus| Klebsiella| Klebsiella Trevisan 1885 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Carter et al. 1999| Klebsiella Trevisan 1885 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Drancourt et al. 2001 Pathogen
Klebsiella oxytoca [species] | "Bacillus oxytocus perniciosus" Flugge 1886| ATCC 13182| Bacillus oxytocus perniciosus| CCUG 15717| CIP 103434| DSM 5175| HAMBI 1301| JCM 1665| Klebsiella oxytoca| Klebsiella oxytoca (Flugge 1886) Lautrop 1956| Klebsiella sp. CECRI-24/07| Klebsiella sp. MN9SED2| LMG 3055| LMG:3055| NBRC 102593| NBRC 105695
Klebsiella pneumoniae [species] | "Bacillus pneumoniae" (Schroeter 1886) Flugge 1886| "Bacterium pneumoniae crouposae" Zopf 1885| "Hyalococcus pneumoniae" Schroeter 1886| 'Klebsiella aerogenes' (Kruse) Taylor et al. 1956| ATCC 13883| Bacillus pneumoniae| Bacterium pneumoniae crouposae| CCUG 225| CIP 82.91| DSM 30104| HAMBI 450| Hyalococcus pneumoniae| IFO 14940| JCM 1662| Klebsiella pneumoniae| Klebsiella pneumoniae (Schroeter 1886) Trevisan 1887| Klebsiella pneumoniae aerogenes| Klebsiella sp. 2N3| Klebsiella sp. C1(2016)| Klebsiella sp. M-AI-2| Klebsiella sp. PB12| Klebsiella sp. RCE-7| LMG 2095| LMG:2095| NBRC 14940| NCTC 9633 H00301 Klebsiella infection
Lactobacillus [genus] | Lactobacillus| Lactobacillus Beijerinck 1901 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Cai et al. 2012| Lactobacillus Beijerinck 1901 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Haakensen et al. 2009| Paralactobacillus| Paralactobacillus Leisner et al. 2000 Pathogen
Methanobacteriaceae [family] | Methanobacteriaceae| Methanobacteriaceae Barker 1956
Morganella [genus] | Morganella| Morganella Fulton 1943 Pathogen
Prevotella [genus] | Prevotella| Prevotella Shah and Collins 1990 emend. Sakamoto and Ohkuma 2012| Prevotella Shah and Collins 1990 emend. Willems and Collins 1995| Xylanibacter| Xylanibacter Ueki et al. 2006
Proteus [genus] | "Liquidobacterium" Orla-Jensen 1908| Liquidobacterium| Proteus| Proteus Hauser 1885 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Hyun et al. 2016 Opportunistic urinary tract infections
Proteus mirabilis [species] | ATCC 29906| CCUG 26767| CIP 103181| DSM 4479| JCM 1669| LMG 3257| LMG:3257| NCTC 11938| Proteus mirabilis| Proteus mirabilis Hauser 1885
Pseudomonas [genus] | "Chlorobacterium" Guillebeau 1890, nom. rejic. Opin. 6 (not "Chlorobacterium" Lauterborn 1916)| "Liquidomonas" Orla-Jensen 1909| "Loefflerella" Holden 1935| Chryseomonas| Chryseomonas Holmes et al. 1986| Flavimonas| Liquidomonas| Loefflerella| Pseudomonas| Pseudomonas Migula 1894 emend. Yang et al. 2013| RNA similarity group I| Serpens| Serpens Hespell 1977
Pseudomonas aeruginosa [species] | "Bacillus aeruginosus" (Schroeter 1872) Trevisan 1885| "Bacillus pyocyaneus" (Zopf 1884) Flugge 1886| "Bacterium aeruginosum" Cohn 1872| "Bacterium aeruginosum" Schroeter 1872| "Bacterium pyocyaneum" (Zopf 1884) Lehmann and Neumann 1896| "Micrococcus pyocyaneus" Zopf 1884| "Pseudomonas pyocyanea" (Zopf 1884) Migula 1895| ATCC 10145| ATCC 10145-U| Bacillus aeruginosus| Bacillus pyocyaneus| Bacterium aeruginosum| bacterium ASFP-37| bacterium ASFP-38| bacterium ASFP-45| bacterium ASFP-46| bacterium ASFP-48| bacterium CRM125| Bacterium pyocyaneum| CCEB 481| CCUG 28447| CCUG 29297| CCUG 551| CFBP 2466| CIP 100720| DSM 50071| IBCS 277| IFO 12689| JCM 5962| LMG 1242| LMG:1242| Micrococcus pyocyaneus| NBRC 12689| NCCB 76039| NCIB 8295| NCIB:8295| NCIMB 8295| NCTC 10332| NRRL B-771| probable synonym or variety: "Pseudomonas polycolor" Clara 1930| Pseudomonas aeruginosa| Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Schroeter 1872) Migula 1900| Pseudomonas polycolor| Pseudomonas pyocyanea| Pseudomonas sp. 2_1_26| Pseudomonas sp. ACP_02| Pseudomonas sp. CRRI 93| Pseudomonas sp. HSA1/2016| Pseudomonas sp. NCIM 2036| Pseudomonas sp. NCIM 2862| Pseudomonas sp. PR_01| Pseudomonas sp. PSE5| Pseudomonas sp. RV3| Pseudomonas sp. UFT2/2016| RH 815| VKM B-588 Opportunistic, nosocomial pneumonia and sepsis
Salmonella [genus] | Salmonella| Salmonella Lignieres 1900 Pathogen
Staphylococcus [genus] | "Aurococcus" Winslow and Rogers 1906| Aurococcus| Staphylococcus| Staphylococcus Rosenbach 1884
Staphylococcus aureus [species] | "Micrococcus aureus" (Rosenbach 1884) Zopf 1885| "Micrococcus pyogenes" Lehmann and Neumann 1896| "Staphlococcus pyogenes citreus" Passet 1885| "Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus" Rosenbach 1884| ATCC 12600| ATCC 12600-U| CCM 885| CCUG 1800| CIP 65.8| DSM 20231| HAMBI 66| JCM 20624| Micrococcus aureus| Micrococcus pyogenes| NBRC 100910| NCAIM B.01065| NCCB 72047| NCTC 8532| Staphlococcus pyogenes citreus| Staphylococcus aureus| Staphylococcus aureus Rosenbach 1884| Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus Pathogen
Streptococcus [genus] | Streptococcus| Streptococcus Rosenbach 1884
Vibrio cholerae [species] | "Bacillo virgola del Koch" Trevisan 1884| "Bacillus cholerae" (Pacini 1854) Trevisan 1884| "Bacillus cholerae-asiaticae" Trevisan 1884| "Kommabacillus" Koch 1884| "Liquidivibrio cholerae" (Pacini 1854) Orla-Jensen 1909| "Microspira comma" Schroeter 1886| "Pacinia cholerae-asiaticae" (Trevisan 1884) Trevisan 1885| "Spirillum cholerae" (Pacini 1854) Mac1889| "Spirillum cholerae-asiaticae" (Trevisan 1884) Zopf 1885| "Vibrio cholera" (sic) Pacini 1854| "Vibrio cholerae-asiaticae" (Trevisan 1884) Pfeiffer 1896| "Vibrio comma" (Schroeter 1886) Blanchard 1906| ATCC 14035| ATCC 14547 [[Vibrio albensis]]| Bacillo virgola del Koch| Bacillus cholerae| Bacillus cholerae-asiaticae| CCUG 48664 [[Vibrio albensis]]| CCUG 9118 A| CECT 514| CIP 62.13| Kommabacillus| Liquidivibrio cholerae| LMG 4406 [[Vibrio albensis]]| LMG:4406 [[Vibrio albensis]]| Microspira comma| NCIMB 41 [[Vibrio albensis]]| NCTC 8021| Pacinia cholerae-asiaticae| Spirillum cholerae| Spirillum cholerae-asiaticae| Vibrio albensis| Vibrio albensis Lehmann and Neumann 1896| Vibrio cholera| Vibrio cholerae| Vibrio cholerae biovar albensis| Vibrio cholerae bv. albensis| Vibrio cholerae Pacini 1854| Vibrio cholerae-asiaticae| Vibrio comma Cholera
Yersinia enterocolitica [species] | "Bacterium enterocoliticum" Schleifstein and Coleman 1939| ATCC 9610| Bacterium enterocoliticum| CCUG 11291| CCUG 12369| CIP 80.27| DSM 4780| JCM 7577| LMG 7899| LMG:7899| NBRC 105693| NCTC 12982| Yersinia enterocolitica| Yersinia enterocolitica (Schleifstein and Coleman 1939) Frederiksen 1964 H00298 Yersiniosis

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