Banana, raw

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    ClassName mg/gramOther Notes
    Flavan-3-ols (-)-Epicatechin 0.0010643
    (-)-Epigallocatechin 2.14E-05
    (+)-Catechin 0.0134235
    Flavonoids 02 mers 0.006999999999999999
    03 mers 0.008
    04-06 mers 0.023
    Prodelphinidin dimer B3 0.001
    Lignans Lariciresinol 2.5E-06
    Matairesinol 6E-07
    Pinoresinol 5E-07
    Secoisolariciresinol 9.000000000000001E-07
    Phenolic acids Gallic acid 0.0100333
    Polyphenols, total Polyphenols, total 1.5469875

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