Species in CustomProbiotics.com / L. Brevis Probiotic Powder

  1. lactobacillus brevis

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Bacteria Impacts of CustomProbiotics.com / L. Brevis Probiotic Powder

If you find any studies of this specific probiotic impacting other bacteria, please email ken/at/lassesen.com with the URI

This table is estimated from the impact of EACH species in the probiotics reported in clinical studies. In some cases, one species will increase and another decrease. Often, all of the species have similar (or no impact).

Genus Level Only Listed
BacteriaIncrease %Decrease %
Alloprevotella 50 50
Bifidobacterium 100 0
Clostridium 0 100
Hallella 0 100
Hoylesella 0 100
Leyella 0 100
Massiliprevotella 0 100
Metaprevotella 0 100
Paraprevotella 0 100
Prevotella 0 100
Prevotellamassilia 0 100
Pseudoprevotella 0 100
Segatella 0 100
Streptococcus 0 100

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