National Library of Medicine Citations for Mood Disorders

The following have had published studies. These are report on the averages of a group of patients; they do not apply to all patients and are not necessary predictive.
Tax Rank Tax Name Shift Distribution Citation Link
family Enterobacteriaceae (NCBI:543 ) High Distribution    📚 PubMed
family Lachnospiraceae (NCBI:186803 ) Low Distribution    📚 PubMed
genus Alistipes (NCBI:239759 ) High Distribution    📚 PubMed
genus Faecalibacterium (NCBI:216851 ) Low Distribution    📚 PubMed
genus Oscillibacter (NCBI:459786 ) High Distribution    📚 PubMed
order Bacteroidales (NCBI:171549 ) High Distribution    📚 PubMed

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